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Miss Ellen requested a feature on our site. She is an LA based model with a unique look, standing all of 5’2. She is 100% Chinese and does not remind me of many other models featured in the past.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Los Angeles







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  1. arf likes the butt and legs. So do I, especially in the short white skirt!
    Nothing so spectacular though.
    Looks like your average KTV girl (red dress pic) – in fact she looks like she’s taking a break from ‘singing’ there.
    Doesn’t look like she’s a beach lover judging by the look she’s giving. A smile in that shot would lift it so much.
    But AWA..c’mon, she’s nowhere as bad as Ms Bell!

  2. Not for me.

    Not “hating” or anything..

    But I don’t find her too attractive. Maybe its because she uses the same eye makeup in her photos?

    Maybe if I see her in different styles….

    But I do wish I had a flat tummy like hers 🙂

  3. She has a sexy body IMO in the first shot particularly. The poses look a bit stiff.
    @ Longtack I think she may have sat on a sea anemone.

  4. Sexy body indeed. I would probably chase her if I saw her in person. That leg shot was HaWt! longtack. I must have missed that one.

  5. Luke72: her istudio portfolio says she wont do nudes or erotic pics. Maybe the (knotted crocheted) bikini was approaching nudity, hence the no-smile.
    That said, however, she has a ‘cheeky’ shot in that portfolio where she is tugging down her panties (nice btw)..so is she compromising somewhat?
    Considering she only wants paid work in future, maybe she might HAVE to show some more skin.
    @arf..not like you to miss a shot. But glad you liked it/them.
    Nancy..(swoon)..your tummy looks fine to me! Unless you are currently ‘with child’ again 😉 The istudio shots give a little more variety than here btw but not too much.

  6. oh Luke72: I shudder to think what’s at the end of that link. Can’t quite see it being a sexy half naked asian woman 😉

  7. ok curiosity got the better of me Luke72.
    It’s a sea cucumber, they are a delicacy here in restaurants. Supposed to be an aphrodisiac if I am not wrong.
    How would THAT look being licked erotically I wonder?

  8. From the neck down, she looks like fantastic sex on silk bedsheets. But, that face and the shape of her head are a turn off for me.

    I’d still take the last girl instead.

  9. She looks more Hmong than Chinese to me, and she isn’t exactly what I’d call pretty. But at least she’s trim and fit (though I prefer a slimmer build), and the photography’s okay. Certainly an improvement on the last girl, but not enough to make the grade for me.

  10. The pouty and sultry looks just aren’t working out for Miss Ellen. She is not traditionally “beautiful” so she needs to inject personality or some kind of unique, quirky flair to really stand out. Frankly, I’d like to see some fun, light and super smiley pics of her.

    That said, Miss Ellen certainly has an amazing body and stellar butt. I’m definitely not among those who think she is not slim enough (sorry Doc!).

  11. meh… shes not anything special. she needs to smile because right now she looks like she thinks shes supermodel hot, which she isnt

  12. weird. I have never had the urge to have somebody spank me. It was never my ‘thing’. For some reason however, this lady brings it out in me.

    I’ve been a naughty boy Miss Ellen.

    Discipline aside, the last pic is definitely the best.
    Although I suspect she must have some pretty wacko teeth to make her over-do the ‘porn-scowl’. If her teeth are all in good order (which we don’t know) she’d actually be pretty pretty if she smiled.

    I hope she doesn’t get crabs sitting in the mud like that….

  13. kroos..I believe the general opinion for her scowl is that it’s either an anemone or sea cucumber attacking her.
    Yes yes I know it LOOKS like lower Mary Riverbank mud she’s sitting in/on but I think it’s rock! Rock lobsters maybe, muddies nuh uh!
    And u sure you wouldn’t rather spank her?
    I would.

  14. longtack, I believe you are correct. I need to pay more attention to the backgrounds…. It IS rock.

    She’s still gotta be careful of crabs however. Especially hermit crabs. They LOVE warm moist caves in rocky areas.

  15. The more I see the more I like
    A touch of class she does not lack
    Sea anemone, now come on Luke
    For her modeling she could be a lock
    Money? probably not worth a lick
    All in I wish her luck.

  16. Was arm twisted to eat a sea cucumber once (I think), black ugly thing with not much taste. Saw dried ones later at the airport for a gazillion RMB.

    Should be hairy crab season there in a couple months. @longtack and all of you in China – not sure if you eat the bloody things, but I know the locals love them.

    Guess Miss Ellen should keep an eye out for hairy crabs, too.

  17. I don’t mean to be rude, but i really do wonder how girls like this THINK they can be a successful model??

  18. @Punsher22..a fair question, which could be asked of Paris Hilton as well.
    Sea cucumbers are not about taste – they are tasteless by themselves, like tofu. They are about texture which Chinese cooks aim for as well as taste and presentation, even deception (tricking the eye). So like tofu, they soak up the sauces.
    Yeah I believe they are expensive.
    lol kroos @hermit crabs and where they like to live.

  19. I find her face looks best straight on, from other angles she’s not as pretty. Love that ass though 🙂

  20. @longtack…paris hilton didnt try to become famous by being a model, she is famous for being famous.

    Also the model in this post doesnt have parents who own a major hotel chain, so i guess she will just have to rely on her looks…which brings me to my point, with her average looks, does she really expect to be successful?

  21. I agree with the comments above… she does not look Chinese. That being said, China is a big place with many different faces so I believe it. But more importantly, her ass look mighty nice in a thong. I like Asian girls with sexy butts so she would be worth a test drive in my book.

  22. Model ?…nah. Still she’s a cute butterface (oxymoron?)…and I’d sooner go out with her than I would a lot of models.That second pic in the boutique hotel is pretty strong.If I’m annoyed by anything-it’s that I think her “L.A. cynicism” is showing more than it should.

  23. I am late to this posting but wow, I like her. Read her profile, she takes modeling seriously.

    I hope she does well- she has a unique look that I would not confuse with anyone else, and she is tat and piercing-free.

    Stunning in several photos…beautiful woman. Good poses, hair, and make-up.

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