Kwak Hyun Hwa


Kwak Hyun Hwa is a Korean model. Apparently, according to multiple websites I read, she is not just a model – she is also a well known comedian. How come our comedians don’t look like this?Stats:

Age: 29
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: Korea










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  1. I decided to take down the Anna Bell post, as I am currently trying to entice some hot local girls on to here, and I’m afraid having her on the front page will put them off – and it seems only one person liked her anyway.

  2. …if I am correct , she was in the movie “My wife is a gangster’ with Shu Qi…..a hilarious role and she was smoking hot as well, even though she was playing a geeky korean translator….film was pretty funny even with the sub-titles….on the other side …after looking at these photos….I’ve got this sudden desire to be a black bikini really badly..

  3. I’ve never heard of this girl before, but I like her a lot. I love the personality she shows in some of the shots.

  4. Damn, I like her look and she is bey sexy… I just wish she had nude pics because she is insanely hot. I want to see more of this Korean babe!! Would put her on my blog in an heartbeat.

    By the way, her nose look fine to me but I don’t really care about noses that much so I am not qualify to judge that. The legs are right and the ass is right and the tits are right. I can judge on those body parts… where I care.

  5. I don’t like the one in the tub where she is posing with her hand on her hip. It is…too pose-y.

    But all of her other photos, she is gorgeous. Love the natural,playful, look and style.

  6. First of all, You musta taken Anna Bell down to spite me cause half the ones you left up are BUTTER FACES.

    Thank goodness I had the foresight to download those pictures.

  7. very sexy girl…nice work but i dont think you should have deleted anna bell’s post. everyone has their own tastes

  8. I think her nose looks fabulous whether it was fabricated or not. She looks super cute and clearly has boatloads of personality (actress/comedian).

    I’d just like to say that I love seeing some older models posted here. Amusingly enough, she’s only 29 but I love the more “mature” look. Maybe it’s just me?

  9. @…. and nicholiservia: I should clarify that the problem with Anna was the poor quality of her photos. I agree that everyone is entitled to their taste, but the photos we put up here have to be appropriate for this site, and I especially don’t want to lose some potentially far better models because of it.

  10. Who cares about the nose…what a great ass! That black bikini shot is top shelf…as is the beans shot!!!

  11. wearing my shirt for pajamas. woof. black bikini. woof woof. vaguely remembering liking My Wife Is A Gangster but seeing that Netflix only has part 2 and this lovely lady isn’t cast. sad meow.

  12. Sevendeuce agree that all fruit does not ripens at the same time. So, 29 seems ever so perfect, even if the photos are less than well done.
    The nose, well if I get that specific about imperfections I am not interested in the package any how. Cool “Beans”.

  13. Miss Hwa has a top that says “BEANS”
    I really don’t know what that means.
    Yet, who gives a whit
    Her body won’t quit
    My heart’s all blown to smithereens.

  14. The latest Korean hottie Miss Kwak
    Jumps off the page with a thwack.
    Her photos I have checked
    Not a single defect
    Make the train take the proverbial dirt track.

  15. Oh My!…she’s so hot and sweet looking. I really do love her beans in the bottom pic. And…Who was Anna Bell? I seriously can’t seem to place the face with the name.

  16. So many comment about the cosmetic alterations. Would you rather be with, observe, hold, be sexually intimate with, etc., a HOT cosmetically altered woman, or a skank?

  17. Gorgeous! Nice post Travis.

    ‘Beanz meanz Heinz .. err Kwak Hyun Hwa’ from now on.
    And I adore her in the black bikini!

    Waiting with bated breath for Doc’s ‘local hotties’. Hoping they come from Brisbane’s Southbank area ;-).
    Hoping also that AS stays a skank-free zone.
    Although that policy will no doubt not please – without mentioning nics – some less discerning members.

  18. Nancy, I’d like to think her hand is caught in the act of sliding down her thigh to brush the soap suds off.
    np badnews, you be the black bikini, and I’ll be the white one?

  19. Comment about her age – 29. I think that Asian women stay hot well past those in the West (assuming that they’ve avoided Mickey D’s). What is unusual to me is that she is still out working. I think that most Korean and Japanese women are married and staying at home by now.

  20. @ NIGHTHAWK “Get a life”…done got one of those. How boring. I come here to fantasize about what I can’t have since getting married with two children. Joking of course. The children part is actually a blessing, just the ol’ wifey part. :))

  21. @ NIGHTHAWK: Get a L….


    Which L word is it?! I’m dying from not knowing! Literally (ooh! good L word there!) losing (another!) sleep here!!!

    Tell us what L word, puh-leeeze!!!! *brain explodes from mass, cranial stress*

  22. I see nothing funny about Miss Kwak at all. But someone with those looks AND a sense of humor? Siiiiiiiiiiigh!

  23. pssshhh….

    she looks just like the hundreds of women i walk past every day in Gympie.

    Definitely not child bearing hips. How’s she gonna pop out 7 kids for child support payments??

    I’d like a bit of arm pit hair as well.

  24. you said Gympie right kroos?
    Methinks you wont want to leave that wonderful town now.
    Armpit hair? Next thing you will want tats!!
    Your joking right?
    But, thanks for the chance to revisit Ms Kwak’s pic of her in the Beans shirt.

  25. I like her so much that I can’t stop looking at her and googling for more… Has anyone concluded that her nose has been altered? It looks factory, no?

  26. longtack, I know that — I was merely making a play on words about her being a comedian and not being funny looking.

    kroos – first you complain about the women in Gympie (is that a pie made of smelly socks and jockstraps?) and then you say there’s hundreds of women there that look like Ms. Kwak? This does not compute.

  27. Wingsfan19, I’m sure kroos was being facetious.
    oh and as he will tell you too, Gympie rhymes with skimpy (not unlike what Kwak Hyun Hwa is wearing in most of the pics above). And the G is pronounced as the ‘g’ in ‘go’.
    Although I do like your definition of the town.

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