Miri Hanai

Miri Hanai

Standing a mere 4′ 8″, the brain killing beauty Miri Hanai, is only outshined by her enormous breasts. Just found this great scan at Scanlover where you can find more than 400 scans of Miri.

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  1. She is pretty, i did a google image search on her (scanlover is under construction), and near almost all of the shots were about her breasts, which I didnt like, since she has a very pretty face too.

  2. Every part of her is pretty—but the breast focus is understandable (and I do not mind at all).

  3. at 147 cm tall, she’s actually closer to 4’10”, but still way too small for my tastes. Those breasts just may make her tip over.

  4. perhaps I shouldn’t have said small. don’t get me wrong, i love a petite girl (especially with big boobs), but I prefer taller women. Such a short woman is not going to have long, elegant legs. Many of these Asian models just don’t have the height to be taken seriously as “real” models, and often have short, unattractive legs. But it’s those taller, elegant Asian women that really catch my eye.

    And I’m not talking supermodel tall, although I have no issues with that. A 5’6″ Asian woman would be considered pretty tall, and even 5’4″, the average American height for a woman, would be preferred over 4’10”.

    But obviously this is just one man’s opinion. Afterall, I’m 6’4″ and my girlfriend is only 5’3″, so it clearly doesn’t bother me too much. And I have even dated a 4’10” girl, but all things being equal I’d prefer a much taller woman.

    And when you consider that the average American male is 5’10”, Miri Hanai is a full foot shorter.

  5. it’s not the height and the size, it’s how wild they are in bed..!! asians, caucasians, hispanic all are good if they are ready willing and able in bed ! lol

  6. I have a couple of students (ues, off limits) in my classes that are 4’9-5’1 and they are amazing minatures of the taller supposed “perfect” models.

    I am no towering giant myself (5’7″) and and have been with Amazon prima ballerinas and the perfect fit Chinese ladies here in the South and in Japan.

    I think the smaller ladies are a bit more, uh active.

    This lady is amazing. I keep trying to open that site, but it has been under construction a while. They need to shorten things up…sorry…

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