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I found Bibee at Maxim UK. This is what they have on her:

“From the sun-soaked lands of Thailand comes a figure of sensational beauty… Captivating eyes, an incredible smile and a slender figure that the greatest dreams are made of – it’s not hard to see why Bibee has been hailed as Thailand’s Miss Maxim Winner. She blends sexiness with natural beauty, and has already melted our hearts.”

Bibee is 25 years old, her height is 5′ 7″ and she weighs 103lbs. Check out all the great photos at the Maxim website.


Bibee @

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Bibee @

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0 thoughts on “Meet Bibee”

  1. She looks kinda fake and rubbery…pretty white for a Thai girl. I’d still nail her if I had to.

  2. She certainly looks great in these photos, but as hinted at by ranacubana, I suspect she may not look as great without all the PS editing, makeup etc.

  3. Well unlike these guys (and ASH) I think she’s amazing and I appreciate you bringing her to our attention Robin!

  4. Well, I’ve spent lots of time in Thailand. Can’t say she looks like any Thai woman I’ve seen. Although she’s indeed very pretty, she’s ethnically indiscernible from any of a number of nationalities.

  5. Is it only me who thinks that she had a very bad boob job? Even while standing her boobs seem to move upwards.

    Additionally, IMHO she doesn’t look neither like a Thai nor even like a pure Asian. It’s just speculation, but couldn’t she be partly of _Sino-Thai_ and partly of Western origin? (Her mouth reminds me of Andie MacDowell)

  6. Yeah….and yet another model who’s range of expression is limited to one dumb look in every single pic. Yawn.

    Might as well sign her up to be one of those “Actroid 9000” greeting dolls (or what ever the fck they are!) because she’s almost as life-like.

  7. kamui, I think the ‘bad boob job’ has more to do with the fact that she’s wearing a seriously padded push-up bra in every shot – when there isn’t much to push up, this is the result.

  8. i agree on the boobs; it’s a push-up bra, so it’s hard to judge.

    i am sure that she has had all the other pre-requisite facial surgery, though. that’s just part and parcel of being a model here.

    and 22tango: there are lots of thai girls that look like this. just walk around either siam paragon or the emporium shopping centers, or any number of nightlife places that thai high-society thai people hangout at (as opposed to places geared towards foreigners, where the girls will all be darker-skinned and less chinese-looking).

  9. I agree there’s a high probability of facial surgery (especially a nose job), but the photos are so touched up it’s hard to tell for sure. It’s also quite possible that she has one of those pointless ‘micro’ boob jobs, but once again with all the pushing up it’s hard to tell.

  10. Newworks, having just returned from three weeks in BKK, I can assure you that there are few places in the city more geared towards foreigners than Siam Paragon.

  11. yes; foreigners and rich thais. but i was talking about nightlife places when i made the comparison between places geared towards foreigners vs. thais. for example, the type of thai girl you see at a thai “gentlemen’s club” vs. the kind of thai girl you would see at a similiar place for foreigners.

  12. hey newworks…i hate patpong’s scene. i guess i am spoiled for the good stuff 🙂 this girl is beautiful. i love thais

  13. what is wrong with us here!… 🙂 this site is making wanting to go oversea sooner than i planned 🙂 I hate you Doc Lee :))

  14. Nosejob, chinjob, boobjob…if I was a betting man (okay, just $5) I’d say she’s also had a few blowjobs along the way to the top!

  15. oh yeah. i just re-read the copy above: “from the sun-soaked lands of thailand”. trust me… this girl hasn’t been out in the sun without 99-sunblock and an umbrella in her life.

    but it makes good catch-copy. 🙂

  16. LOL. I agree. Ladyboy look. Lots of surgery, and not really worth what s/he paid! = p
    Not only that, but a lot of photoshop such as all that shading around the tits to make them look bigger (thanks to Christine for showing how to spot such things!)

    Re the Tom C comment: reminds me of the Seinfeld show when George was dating a girl who looked exactly like Jerry. When this was pointed out to him and she cut her hair really short, he freaked out!

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