Actroid DER2

Actroid DER2

Here’s a different kind of Asian Siren: one who isn’t human. Actroid DER2 started her job as guide robot at Sanrio headquarters on October 4. Created by Sanrio robotics company Kokoro, DER2 is an upgraded version of Actroid DER, who graced the 2005 World Expo. DER2’s upgrades include thinner arms, more expressions, smoother movements, and yes, a bigger rack.

She’s an expensive date, though. Expect to shell out 400,000 yen ($3,500) to have her charm your guests at a five-day shindig, plus extra fees for support, delivery, and choreography changes. Pony up an extra 80,000 yen if you want her to stay an extra day.

Actroid DER2

Actroid DER2

Compare with her predecessor, DER. See what I mean by upgrades?

Actroid DER

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  1. First one looks a little on the fugly side. Second one looks like one of those puppets from that movie Thunderbirds was it? A few years back. Still along way to go before they look like Kristanna Loaken (Term III).

  2. soon we won’t have to ask our wives to have sex…and she will always listen to us, and the best of all WE DO NOT HAVE TO FEED HER !!..BTW she is CUTE I wonder what she would look like NAKED

  3. I’ve seen shows on these things — and their “owners”…too creepy for me to even comment on.

    But then again, I guess everything eventually boils down to sex (and power) — even advanced robotics.

  4. I think her rack needs another upgrade. Also, for my money the earlier model is prettier – actually the new one is quite ugly for me (this is great – I can call a model here ugly without worrying about upsetting anyone!).

    Guess I’ll have to keep feeding the real thing for a while yet. πŸ˜‰

  5. Dr Lee ,Mike, the reason that this robot does not have that “lusty” or “busty” look , compares to those “SEX DOLLS”is because she is meant to be a “family friendly” show host, NOW if we are talking about “THE ALL PURPOSE” robot -for MEN only, what they need to do is to incorporate the robot technology into these SEX DOLLS, and then when it all happens, we , MEN can call our divorce lawyers ! LOL, just imagine; a woman who would do ANYTHING ANYTIME and DOES NOT GET OLD AND talk back to you ! just like in that movie “the stepford wives”, Japanese technology is wonderful.

  6. First the link:

    Abundo: what I feel has nothing to do with the “Valley”. What I feel is my head shaking at people (mostly loner, non-sociable types — and on the whole, just plain odd) who spend thousands of dollars on on a big chunk of silicone and metal instead of making an effort and going out to find and enjoy another REAL human!

    Using these dolls as a sex toy is one thing (I understand that) but to give these inanimate objects complex personalities (created by the owners) and to treat them like sentient beings is some kind of delusional mental disorder.

    The show I saw had one woman putting her dolls “needs” above those of her husband and children! She would neglect her family in order to spend non-sexual time with her $6000 lumps.

    Things are very wrong when…

  7. these are nice models but you think with other alternatives, one would not need to use a doll for pleasure. of course i have never tried so it may be good for some. just think it would be weird. you guys know that there is a male doll for women? it comes fully equiped πŸ˜‰
    nothing can substitute for a real asian babe πŸ™‚

  8. Perhaps what got the “men who have screwed up” into “the doghouse” in the first place was bringing home a sex doll!

    “Look, honey! I know it’s our anniversary but I just couldn’t resist picking up a little something. Isn’t she precious? Aren’t I so lame!”


  9. CLM – knowing what you look like brother, it just brings a giggle to my face thinking about you on a doll this size :)) j/k…i guess it would look funny for anyone trying to boink a doll….but to each his own….:)

  10. i am so impressed that CLM can speak and read mandarin. a lot of girls working in saigon can speak mandarin or cantonese but to be able to read is pretty good….can you do a little japanese too? similar kanji

  11. Thanks for the update. The new model is quite a step forward in terms of realistic looks. There’s a robotics research model called Repliee Q1 that actually responds to external stimuli (she’s more of a housewife type, but she’s still cute).

  12. LAWBOY

    I can speak, read,write and type Mandarin (simplified Chinese).

    My Chinese name for example is 乔纳森
    (if you can read that)

    When I was in Japan I had no trouble with the signs because most of them are in traditional Chinese (though the sounds are different). I cannot read Katakana or Hirogana cause I haven’t studied Japanese yet. I’m considering learning Korean. Scare the grocers and dry cleaners in my neighborhood πŸ™‚

  13. CLM…ha freaks me out one time when a caucasian speaks vietnamese. it just so weird to hear vietnamese coming from a non vietnamese…unusual…and here we have an african american man speaking chinese :)…bet ya get a lot of women in china just by being able to speak to them…

  14. hey doc…where did you pick up viet and how well do you speak?….way cool if you make it to saigon…check out catwalk at newworld:))

  15. When I lived in Sydney I had a lot of Vietnamese friends (they were my workmates), so I naturally picked some up. However, I haven’t spoken it since I moved to Queensland, so I’ve fogoten most of it now. πŸ™

    Still, I can speak enough to surprise the staff at Vietnamese restaurants (I love Vietnamese food), as I remember the names of most of the dishes I like. And one of my Vietnamese friends still calls me regularaly, and has visited me a few times. Her family treats me like I am one of their own – Vietnamese people can be very warm if you get close to them!

  16. in my neighborhood …all the vietnamese and cambodians talk like blacks..yo yo yo whad up dawg !!…, dress like blacks with bling bling…and sing gangsta rap music..

  17. Hey Lawboy, I also live in Vietnam….maybe I know you?

    In fact I speak Vietnamese 85% fluently but to be honest, I speak English most of the time.

    I find if you speak English they treat you one way, but then when you crack out some Vietnamese they treat you very kindly…reverse racism hey – ill probably cop shit for this BUT I don’t get surprised when an Asian speaks English in Australia [yes yes I know English is the main language] but why do Asians treat you better if you can speak their native tongue?

    I know they may appreciate you giving their language a try but cant I be as equally as respectful to ones culture without trying to learn the language?

    Anyway it annoys me somewhat especially when Vietnamese ASSUME that being white I cant speak Vietnamese and they talk about you right in front of you. I love seeing the look on their faces when I tell them off in Vietnamese!

  18. I think if you haven’t noticed by now, most Asian cultures have a different way of looking at the world than white folks. Perhaps it’s their extended history in the world, I don’t know. Respect is a big thing with them, no?

    Not sure where I’m going with this….maybe it means more to them that you respect them with their language in their country…I don’t know.


    I am planning a trip to go to Beijing in June 2008. I will be staying for the entire month for the summer games and then I will probably either go to South Korea or Tokyo Japan.

    While In Beijing I will definately take a train to Shanghai and possibly a plane to Hong Kong.

  20. punsher22…do you work in saigon?…i go there about 3 times a year. next trip will be in january πŸ™‚ happy happy…

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