Maya Sitti


At first glance at these photos, Maya Sitti simply looks like a cute amateur model. No complaints from me, but there are a lot of them. Then you find out that she stands an impressive 5’10 and you realize that she’s actually a true runway model, and for a runway model she is quite attractive, at least in my opinion.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: ?
Located: SC






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0 thoughts on “Maya Sitti”

  1. She could use a little help from the Doc to balance up her chest with her very curvy hips, but apart from that, not bad at all!

    Is she Hmong perhaps? If so she is one of the prettier ones I have seen (although she isn’t outstandingly pretty among all the girls featured here).

  2. Very nice. Like that 5’10” part a lot. I will be more than happy to comp a nice pair of 34C+
    Send her to me.

  3. i love the photography, and it really helps bring out the best in her: her body. Her face is a little round for me, and no, i’d much rather see and feel natural breasts than the fake balloons…
    nice catch, thanks!

  4. @arf yeah, I do like the little pot belly, but that one isn’t my fave pic.
    This one is:
    I love the legs and the pose. Also the outfit she has on.
    Agree with sucez, her boobs (see pic 1) are fine for me.
    lol@cute at 5’10”..any woman shorter than me is cute!

  5. Cute smile when she’s using it. And she should definitely pass on surgery…her body is absolutely fine as is.

  6. Noooo… !!!! keep the “doctors” and their fake funbags away from her!!! There’s nothing wrong with a small handful.

    And can i make a request? An asian siren sitting in water surrounded by floating bits of houses and capsized boats. Not because I wanna see an asian siren in any kind of trouble…. but it’d be nice to something good come out of these floods…. (SE QLD). Maybe the shot should be staged however….. don’t want these lovely women sitting in sewage and getting nibbled by bull sharks….

  7. She should resistence train in gym. 5’10” could be great, but she’ll just end up being “proportional” if she keeps taking the easy way out.

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