Kaede Hinano (Yoko)


I tend to write these little blurbs last. In this case, I set up Kaede Hinano’s entire profile, and then when I was looking for any additional photos I may have missed, I found a several photos of her that were less touched up and noticed that she has scars all over her arm, presumably from cutting herself. I almost deleted the entry, and I may still delete it, because it’s sad to see someone harm themselves like that, but Kaede Hinano is a model that is fairly well known even though most people do not recognize her name. She is one of the women that stars in those gogo dancer fetish videos that are all over the Internet. So I’ll keep her here for now, with leave to shut it down later.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Hokkaido









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  1. Aren’t you jumping to conclusions Travis? After all, there are many possible reasons why she might have scars on her arm. I am curious to see the photos you are referring to. Anyway, this girl does have a MILFy kind of hotness to her, and a nice lean and fit body. I wonder if she really is only 25, or if she just has a mature look?

  2. It’s certainly possible, though these are some very straight edged cuts. I can’t find her Japanese name anymore but if I have time to look later I’ll see if I can show those photos.

  3. I can’t make out the cutting scars, none of the photos enlarge.

    @Doc, that’s knee scabs from on her knees……heh heh!

  4. Her arse looks delicious in the blue dress – 4th pic down.
    Reminds me of the one I saw on the street today – only it was in hot pink! But I digress…sigh!

  5. @Travis:

    Angelina Jolie used to cut herself pretty bad too. That didn’t stop her from getting a role working with the UN. Some people have problems and they have to get over them, hopefully.

    That said, she’s pretty hot in a naughty way. Nice smile and suggestive expressions.

  6. When you see that mouth, you know you’re going to see alot more of her without trying all that hard. I wish women wouldn’t take that as an insult – its not!

  7. Don’t like the second pic much, but the others are hot. She’s probably be pretty fun to hang around other than the cutting part.

  8. She can definitely move her body, she was one of the better ‘dance hall’ type shakers.

    Didn’t she have some controversy in regards to a video with a, umm, I better not go there.

  9. She could be a cutter.

    But, itsn’t it equally possible the YAKUZA forced her into prostitution and beat her up?

  10. She actually looks trashy but nice (read: not bitchy). That is a great combination (perhaps the greatest of all).

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