Maya Nakanishi

Maya Nakanishi is a true Asian Siren, because here, we respect women that are special – not just beautiful women. Maya Nakanishi is an athlete that posed nude to raise money for the olympics. Except it’s not the traditional olympics – it’s the paraolympics. Maya Nakanishi lost her leg in a steel accident. She posed to raise money to her pay for the Paralympic games.Stats:

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Japanese




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  1. In all the original b/w shots, the prosthetic was the only thing in color.
    Wow. Sexy, strong, brave, lovely smile. My kind of woman!
    Great find.

  2. Hell yes her body is tight…and I am loving her confidence.The technology for prosthesis is at the point of a quantum leap here in the next decade or so.Moot point to her.She looks like she can roll with it either way.

  3. Well, the prosthetic is not sexy but Maya certainly IS! Well done AS for going in this direction: appreciating beauty in all its forms despite disabilities.

  4. I always love seeing people like Maya who embrace the Nike motto, and just do it! Its such a beautiful philosophy. Everyone wonders if they could be so strong in the same situation, but Maya shows that internal fortitude is not only inspiring, but sexy.

  5. Great choice! Now…… can we send her some support so that she can achieve her dreams? Can you attach a link so us admirers can help her? She is a brave yet stunning woman. Confidence is sexy!

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