Jang Ja-yeon’s Last Sex Scene

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As sort of a long-belated follow-up to my piece on Korean female celeb suicides, I wrote an interestingly morbid piece earlier this year on some of those ladies’ “lasts.” Included in that one is the above two-part scene the late Jang Ja-yeon did for the 2009 movie Searching for the Elephant (aka Penthouse Elephant). It was her last (and actually only) movie sex scene. Jang never got to see the film’s release or the the release of the only other film she appeared in, They Are Coming, as they both came out after her March 2009 suicide.

EDIT: The above video has been removed by the host. You can still view it, along with more “lasts” of Miss Jang and a few other lovely and late Korean female celebs, here.

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  1. It’s such a great shame when beautiful woman resort to suicide, and Korea especially suicide rates are far too high there and the society needs to be more proactive about depression.

  2. I’ve always thought Korean women were some of the better looking Asian women out there, if not some of the best looking in the world, but personally I have had only one Korean female friend, all of the other experiences I had were very negative…It might have something to do with the fact that I never made a lot of money, or had a lot of money…

  3. Having lived in South Korea, I know suicide rates are high. However, organized crime has deeply penetrated the entertainment industry. Couple that with law enforcement that, to put it kindly, aren’t exactly the most pro-active and you have a recipe for trouble. Whatever the scenario, just doctor the scene to look like a suicide and boom! Case closed. I’m not saying that IS the case. However, in each instance of a super hot up and coming model/actress who “commits” suicide, it seems that there is remarkable little scrutiny given to these cases. In some cases, they don’t even leave a note. The women are simply found hanging and they rule it a suicide. How hard would that be to doctor up?

  4. Hmmm, this is very interesting. It seems to me that K-pop is the ultimate ‘music’ production line, although I had no idea that this might lead to obsolete models being decommissioned at the end.

  5. Well..thank you all for your kind words of commiseration! But hey, Jang Ja-Yeon and I have SOMETHING in common; neither of us have seen, nor will ever see, her sex scene. Lucky you if you can (sigh). Must remember to put her on the list when I go back to Oz for a vacation in Feb 2013.

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