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  1. This women is a remarkably versatile model – almost too versatile in fact, as when you see her half the time you don’t know who it is!

    I very strongly object to her promotion of guns, however – so much so that I asked her to remove Sachiko’s link from her site.

    She also has an overdeveloped ego, as she responded by publically posting my request, saying how ridiculous it was that a site with so much less traffic than her’s wouldn’t want to link up with her!

    She doesn’t seem to understand the concept of having principles, and seems willing to do anything for publicity. But then and again, I guess many models could be accused of this!

    The tits are a little too fakey looking for my taste as well, although I wouldn’t mind of they were bigger (like Sakura Sena or Lena Li, for example).

  2. “I draw the line at things that kill people!”

    Oh, dear.

    Doc, if your opposition to these so-called “things-that-kill” is so strong, perhaps you should remove all traces of models posing with, or in the vacinity of: automobiles, cigarettes, alcohol, airplanes, fatty foods, screwdrivers, the sun, any body of water, trees (how many loggers are killed each year?), and electricity. All these things kill.

    They weren’t designed for the sole purpose of killing, but they still kill. Seems to me that “things” do not kill people, it’s the wielder of said thing whom does the killing.

    As for having Masuimi remove the link to Sachiko’s site, why? I seem to recall that Sachiko plays the piano? I’m pretty sure that with some digging you could find more than a few FBI files in which piano wire was the weapon…sorry, thing that killed a mobster or two. Pianos kill.

    Even moreso, perhaps just shut THIS site down completely, because it is a sexuality based site, and it is well documented that sex spreads HIV which leads to AIDS which, in the end, kills. By that same logic, Asian Sirens kills.

    I’m pretty ignorant in the arena of history and world affairs, but with some degree of certainity I think I could say that most of the world’s governments have had a hand in killing people. Perhaps a boycott of all models hailing from those killer countries?

    Just to stay on topic, Masuimi Max is a visual treat. And I’m pretty sure she hasn’t killed anyone. But what do I know.

  3. Look, guns are manufactured to kill people. Automobiles and the latter aren’t intended to kill people. There’s a huge difference between something that is made to kill people and something that happens to kill people, and I’m pretty sure that Dr. Lee was referring to weapons when he made that statement.

  4. Yes, what Candyman says is absolutely right. For example, sex also ‘makes’ people – indeed, I’m sure it’s brought a lot more people into the world than it’s taken out!

    Still, having said that, Sachiko does not associate herself with the street racing scene (unlike a lot of other Asian models, particularly in the US), as street racing is an extremely dangerous and illegal activity that does kill a very high percentage of the people who participate in it. Also, she refuses to advertise cigarettes or alcohol, which is one reason why she decided to be an independent internet model instead of working for an agency. So in fact, she doesn’t associate herself with any of the things K4K mentions, apart from the truly ridiculous ones!

  5. i like the way the other girl staring at her boobs…looks like she has something naughty in mind…:)

  6. I thought this site was dedicated to the beauty of the Asian female. Imagine my surprise when I discovered intolerance for people who hold different values. I think that a person can be a gun owner and still be a good person. BTW Masuimi Max is hot and I don’t even like tatoos.

  7. Why can’t Asian Sirens be more than just oogling at Asian women? I agree that you can be a gun owner and a good person, but if you are a person who doesn’t like guns and you happen to affiliated with a model that does, then I don’t have a problem disassociating yourself from that model. There’s too much murder in this world.

    I used to be a fan of pornstar Nautica Thorn until I found out that she started dating some scumbag loser who says that she can no longer have sex with Black guys because he doesn’t want her to do anything that’s impure. What kind of BS is that? I can’t be a fan of someone who would date a jackass like that.

    Usually, I don’t care about where models stand on certain issues because I’m looking at them like a piece of meat and nothing more. But maybe we all should.

  8. Yes, this site is dedicated to the beauty of Asian women. What our visitors write in the comments section is their opinion and does not represent the Asian Sirens team.

  9. Yes, and once again what Candyman says is right. Just as Masuimi does indeed have the legal right (in America) to own and promote guns, Sachiko and I have the right to have absolutely nothing to do with something we very strongly disagree with.

    And the fact that there is a post about Masuimi here shows that there IS freedom of speech and tolerance here – personally I do not want to promote her, but even though I am the moderator here, I do not have the right to enforce that at AS.

  10. “…there IS freedom of speech and tolerance here – personally I do not want to promote her, but even though I am the moderator here, I do not have the right to enforce that at AS.”


    So I guess ‘freedom of speech and tolerance’ only apply along side the demonstration of tits and ass? Certainly it’s well within the powers of the moderator to ban a user such as CLM for remarks said moderator finds offensive, but it’s ok to promote a model whos views on weapons offend the same moderator as long as she is naked.


    “…personally I do not want to promote her…” — then DON’T!

    It’s your site! If you can instate and uphold “rules” as to what users can and cannot post then why the double standard on censoring pictures?

    If you are trying to achieve some kind of purity on this site then do it all the way. Find out the values and ideals of each and every model, the ones that do not comply to your righteous list do not get posted. All the others, more power to them!

    This weak-ass, fence-sitting, wet handshake bullshit makes me sick. One day it’s ‘yes’, the next it’s ‘no’. No need to worry, because for me it’s ‘Goodbye’!

  11. Well K4K, that’s your perogative. But we have posting guidelines that are clearly stated at the bottom of this page – ‘CLM-type comments’ are out, but models who like to promote guns aren’t. And as much as I personally detest what Masuimi stands for, that’s as it should be – after all, AS is about (preferably naked) Asian female models and performers (regardless of their value systems)!

    FYI, we decided to ban ‘CLM-type comments’ due to complaints from our readers – I just enforce it.

  12. I would just love to learn to handle this woman. She could simply just wear me out and I wouldn’t give a crap. She is just so bad.

  13. just…just…just. There’s just way to many justs in that last comment of mine. Not paying attention, thanks to Masuimi.

  14. It’s girls with bodies like hers, that inspire me to stay in shape. Oh my…I think I’m hungry now!

  15. whoa! i totally didn’t realize you guys featured her. lookswise, this girl is my FAVORITE. she is HOT. i don’t know enough about her values to comment on her philosophy.

  16. Well Christine, having dealt with her personally, I can say she is seriously screwed up emotionally, with a serioulsy over-inflated ego (although I think that’s pretty obvious from what she does anyway). And I really don’t like her boob job. If you get tits this super fake, you’d better make them bigger, or alternatively, if you want them this size, make them look more natural. And I’m not into tattoos either.

    However, she is unquestionably a highly capable self-promoter and a very versatile model!

  17. I love Masuimi’s look, those lips, and that she is tatted up. Asian chicks with nice tats drive me bananas. But her boob job is pretty bad though. I prefer looking at her clothed because they don’t look good. Anyway, here’s a little something for the fans, one of my favorite pics of her.

  18. Doc, does she refer to herself in third person or something like that? Like, “Masuimi wants some water! *calls to assistant* Fetch me some now, I am ever so parched!” And with her kind of upbringing, I can really imagine her being really messed up emotionally — having a mom that died when she was 6, hating all of her dad’s later wives, and then stripping at 18 after her family disowned her at 17…! Geez.

  19. A lot of these girls come from ‘difficult’ families, to say the least. Sometimes, these jobs are more ‘normal’ than the families.

  20. 5k here in the US….where does it cost 25K Gueni? show me some samples of 25K boob jobs….why so much?

  21. AU$7-8K is enough for the best surgeons here, which is US$5-6K at normal exchange rates (although at the moment it’s close to 1:1!).

    And it is understandable that Masuimi is screwed up, but the fact remains that she is a narrow minded ego maniac, so she isn’t somebody I can admire. Many people from difficult backgrounds draw on their experiences to become very tolerant and giving people, but Masuimi certainly isn’t one of those. 🙂

  22. that is the on going rate here too…for the best surgeon in my area…5k…so what is guerni talking about for 25k….i think for 25k you get to boink the person you give the boobs job to….like a sugar daddy arrangement kind a thing eh? :))

    please show us 25k boobs please 🙂

  23. Check out the boob jobs in that last shot of mine. I bet Francine has put almost 25k into hers. I mean, I’m no expert or anything. Just guessing.

  24. $25K for the top plastic surgeon in Seoul, Korea. This includes pre-surgery treatment, 4 days stay at a 5 star resort, and tailored implants that will make the breasts look incredibly natural. I’d show you, but I would have to take a topless shot of my wife.

  25. Doc is a walking encyclopedia on boob jobs. I’m fairly certainly that claiming “you have to be willing to shell out $25K” for a legit boob job is far different from “the top surgeon in Seoul, Korea charges this much for a boob job + stay a schmancy hotel.”

    It probably would’ve helped if it wasn’t said so matter-of-factly.

  26. That isn’t 25K for breast surgery – that’s 25K for a “plastic surgery holiday”, which I have to say sounds a bit sus to me. And what exactly do you mean by “tailored implants”? I also can’t help but point put that none of the photos we’ve seen of your wife so far show anything of her body, so there is absolutely nothing to back up your claim of “incredibly natural” looking implants. If they’re anything like other Asian fashion models I’ve seen, they’ll be small and hard, which IMHO is a total waste of time, and a lot of unnecessary discomfort.

  27. Hahaha, “tailored implants” sounds ripped from some infomercial. Seriously, what breast implants aren’t tailored? It’s not as if there’s a one-size-fits-all implant-making machine that would necessitate the clarification that your implants are ‘tailored.’

  28. for 25k not a lot of people can afford that. and why would you need a vacation holiday for a boob job. even from the best plastic surgeon here in the states, the top end for a boob job is around 8k. you can be on your feet within a few days….for 25k they better be putting gold in those boobs.
    you would think it would be cheaper in asia that is why people are flocking to korea…they do do amazing works there though

  29. My thing is this: If you are going to make a living doing nudes and want implants, then find a doctor who knows what they are doing and shell out the money for a boob job that is going to look great. 5-8k should buy a decent job. Are these chicks looking at the body of work that their doctor is doing? I keep seeing too many Asian American models with bad boob jobs.

    I bet Francine spent 25k+ on the several surgeries that she has had. She was fine after the first surgery but she just kept going bigger and bigger.

    And the surgery holiday is becoming the thing to do. More Americans are flying to Asia to have surgery done because they can have the surgery and take a vacation and the total ends up being 1/3 of the cost of just having the surgery done in America. That’s what I am doing if I ever need major surgery, I got it all planned out. Healthcare in America is so f’d up.

  30. Masuimi Max is my favourite model I have been following her for many many years..people tend to hate on her so bad for all the wrong reasons, and she has always seemed like a good person to me, she turned down many people who would ‘further’ her career to the fact that they wanted to exploit her in wrong ways.

    She also used to stay in touch with a lot of her fans back before she became as famous as she is now, I always liked her I think her face is beyond beautiful her body is so perfect..especially in her early years it’s as if chiseled from stone.

    Would love to spend time with her.

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