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Hiromi Oshima (Playboy Playmate June 2004) is featured at babesandstuff.com. Not bad at all!

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  1. Hiromi & Sunghi Lee r the 2 hottest women on this site. Finally ive found a girl that would make me think twice as to who Id “shake hands” with if they were both in front of me naked. Sunghi would probably still take out that honour, mainly because Im into fit looking women, & Sunghi seems to be looking fitter each time a new set of pics of her come out. At last a girl has come along & shattered my belief that Korean women r by far the hottest on the planet!

  2. Yeah, and they just happen to be the two most high profile playmates featured here. Coincidence? I think not – I am often amazed by how much celebrity status makes a lot of people think somebody is hotter than they actually are.

    Sung Hi certainly was one of the top Asian models of all time in her heyday (and Hiromi’s right up there as well), but neither of them have held up that well over time – Sung Hi’s body isn’t really that great any more, and minus implants, Hiromi isn’t so hot either.

  3. I disagree Doc. Sung Hi isn’t what she once was but for a chick a year and half away from 40 to still have the bod she has is quite astounding. Especially an Asian babe near 40. She really only needs a booblift.

    And Hiromi even if she didn’t have the door stoppers still has a perfect body if you just try (difficult as it is) to look at the rest of her and not stare at her ad ons.

  4. I agree that Sung Hi does look good for her age, but the hottest woman on this site? Not any more.

    As for Hiromi, her bust to waist ratio (and quite natural looking boob job) was one of her most outstanding assets. She still looks good now, but she’s no longer remarkable enough to be “hottest babe on this site” material any more either.

  5. Actually, they’ve had a pic of Hiromi in every single issue of Playboy now going back for a long time… until last months issue. It was such a long streak that it was one of the first things I checked when I got each issue. I’m gonna have to dig through the back issues to see how long the streak was, but I’d say it was at least a year.

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