Mai Gao Her


Mai Gao Her is a model with a cool name. Despite the most hilariously photoshopped photo I’ve ever seen below, she’s got a portfolio with several different poses and styles, and has multiple images posted around the Internet.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’2
Located: ?
Ethnicity: ?







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  1. Pretty girl, but not floating my boat. She lists her measurements as 29-27-33(!?) More like a locker combination than most of the sizes that we’ve seen around here. I suppose that makes for perfect runway model, though.

  2. Mai Gao is quite the natural beauty. Her ethnicity is most definitely Hmong (judging by her name). I hope to see more of her in the near future. Well done Travis!!

  3. @longtack; I was afraid it was just me, but I couldn’t tell for sure which photo Travis was referring to either. Maybe it’s just my old monitor. I’m guessing the pic on the bridge.

  4. Agree, not really model hot but certainly would be a cutie walking down the street, which is fine by me.

  5. Close. I was referring to the MSPaint style blurring in the second photo by her hands, forehead, and hair. Maybe next time I’ll be more clear. Maybe. Probably not though.

    Also she’s most definitely Hmong but I don’t know many named Mai so I wanted to open up the possibility she’s mixed.

  6. I thought that may have been NR smoothing: given the shooting conditions, this pic may have been taken at very high ISO (might also explain why her clothing looks painted on). It’s certainly quite heavily PSed as well though.

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