‘Magic Babe’ Ning

Asia’s hottest female magician ‘Magic Babe’ Ning from Singapore made it into the FHM. Check out the article and photos.

'Magic Babe' Ning

She also has a blog.

Thanks to Squidbed for the tip!

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  1. She could pull me out of her hat any time!

    OK, I know; that was not funny.

    By the way, this is a fantastic site. Asian women are exquisite — they almost make me religious.

  2. Kinda “MILFy”, but I like that! Great outfits too. The idea of a hot Asian babe like this doing magic is quite exciting indeed. 😉

  3. I admit I was expecting a lot more from that “StraighJacket Striptease”. Awwww.

    I wonder what does she mean in the interview, when she mentions a Private Show with the Magic Babe… 🙂
    I just wouldn’t let her near me with those sword tricks. Even sexy magicians make mistakes!

    Maybe MILFy, but she’s quite a show! 🙂

  4. She’s cute and I like the MILFy look that she has. It’s hot that she also knows magic but I will also keep my distance when she’s using sharp objects. Maybe I can show her my magic stick 😉

  5. Definitely MILFy and cute. She has the same nickname as my sister-in-law, who is also kind of MILFy and cute!

  6. She’s cute, but she’s got some competition. On the show Phenomenon, there was a hot 20 year old asian magician. She also knew how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. She always wore sexy little cocktail dresses and made her legs part of the act.

  7. Angela Funovits

    Medical Student
    RESIDENCE: Avon Lake, OH
    HOMETOWN: Avon Lake, OH

    Angela Funovits became fascinated by illusions at age 10. Her interest grew when she learned her great-grandfather was rumored to have been a celebrated magician in China. At age 11 she began modeling and at age 16 won the “Miss Teen Cleveland” pageant. During her senior year of high school, a family member was diagnosed with heart disease, which inspired her to create “The Magic of Medicine”- a workshop that helps cancer patients and families cope with their diseases. Currently, she is a medical student and has been offered the opportunity to perform in “The Pussycats of Magic” in Las Vegas.



  8. I agree Ning is sexier (I really think most women only achieve their maximum sexiness once they reach a certain level of maturity), but I also think Angela is definitely cute, and deserves an article of her own. Nice work Zam!

  9. do we need a new blog category for this burgeoning subset of asian women? “asian magician” hahaha

  10. Another great find Zamscan, but why not just feature Angela in an entry of her own (she certainly deserves one) rather than putting her in the comments of this entry where she won’t get as much notice?

  11. Wow, you guys move quick. I didn’t even have a chance to respond. Oh well, as long as it gives us an opportunity to see more girls, I’m fine with it.

  12. i was only replying to the previous posts by wylde8 & Dr. Lee.

    “She’s cute, but she’s got some competition. On the show Phenomenon, there was a hot 20 year old asian magician. She also knew how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. She always wore sexy little cocktail dresses and made her legs part of the act.”

    Posted by: wylde8 on Dec 08, 07 | 12:39 am

    “More information please!”

    Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 08, 07 | 12:54 am

  13. Agreed. And a great job you did! 🙂

    But a name and link would have been good enough. And I (or you yourself if you want?) could have featured Angela in a new post.

    Now there is the ‘danger’ of this thread becoming an Angela thread.

  14. Robin
    a suggestion
    delete all posts here in this thread relating to Angela and start a new thread for her

  15. This seems a little frivolous, don’t you think? I mean, under most posts, a lot of other people suggest other women – like under my DJ Shy post, Candyman suggested two other female DJs that had not been posted on A-S. We’ve often let our posts digress a lot – like in the Brenda Song post, where I first started up at A-S talking about westernized asian girls, so it seems a little odd to criticize Zamscan now when he’s just replying to a comment Dr. Lee made, since there were so many more instances of suggestions done in the fora in the past.

    With Dr. Lee as moderator, I’m sure he’ll delete all of the really off-topic comments so we don’t have to worry about this post turning into a Ning thread. Robin, satisfied as you may be of this post (and you rightly should be, since an asian magician is pretty cool and this was an awesome find), I really don’t think Angela is impeding upon the purity of this thread. ( I’m sure most of us think Ning’s the hotter magician anyway 😀 )

  16. That is a little much for just a reply to a request for more info. If Angel warrants a thread, then start one. But there isn’t much to talk about Angel until she makes news or makes them clothes disappear.

    And Ning is the hotter magician.

  17. I have to agree with Christine on this one, and I don’t have any problem with Zam’s reply – I think it is within the scope of this topic. If it does turn into an Angela thread, I will call a halt to it then, but that hasn’t happened (although there is now a danger of it being diverted into another discussion!).

    Anyway, I personally appreciate Zam’s reply, but she does deserve a post of her own – and I still wonder why Zam is so reluctant to do his own posts here. 😉

  18. i agree with the doc.
    just keep ’em coming zam. but it would be nice to have you on our ‘regular’ post team.

    i don’t read all these comments (lee does ;-)), but if i accidentally spot something off-topic i sometimes say something right away.

    i am sure things like this happened many times before, but i trust the doc with his moderation.

    (and what i feared happened, we’ve gone way off-topic! ;-))

  19. Angela Funovits has a great body, but her nose just ruins her face. See what I mean:

    Great body:

    amazing waist, piggy nose:

    her smile looks ‘off’, I think it is her nose and teeth:

    I’m not trying to be mean. I WANTED to like her, but if you really look at her pics, you’ll see on close inspection she almost enters butterface territory. The bigger she smiles, the worse it gets.

    Also I normally wouldn’t be this judgmental, but I figure if you’re going to put beauty queen on you’re resume, you’re fair game.

    p.s. what is going on with her nose here:

  20. Looks like another unfortunate nose job.

    And this is starting to turn into an Angela thread now! I’m sure somebody will do a post on her soon – lets’s save it for her own thread, shall we? 🙂

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