Maggie Q.

Maggie Q

Last week I saw a very stupid movie: Naked Weapon. The only reason why I finished watching it, was because it was full of beautiful Asian girls 🙂 One of the lead actresses was Maggie Q. I did not think her acting was very good, but I will not pass final judgement untill I have seen more of her films. It could have been the script and director that ruined it for her.

Maggie was born as Margaret Denise Quigley in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has a Vietnamese mother and American/Irish father (some websites also mention Polish & French). I think she looks a bit like Jennifer de Jong, who is half Chinese/half Dutch.She is a successful model and rising actress, featuring on magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, FHM, MAXIM (be sure to check out the photo’s!) and Marie Claire amongst many others. Her film credits include Gen-Y Cops, Manhattan Midnight, Around the World in 80 Days, Rush Hour 2 and Naked Weapon. She is currently shooting Mission Impossible III.

Maggie Q on the web:

Maggie Q. Offical website
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Maggie Q in MAXIM Singapore
Maggie Q in MAXIM UK
Another fansite with lot’s of photo’s
Naked Weapon official movie site
Some nice stills from Naked Weapon
Google Image search

Maggie Q on MAXIM cover

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  1. I thought the way the girls dispatched their victims was hysterical! Kind of like an HK Tarantino film (actually he gets a lot of inspiration from this stuff).

  2. Naked Weapon was crap – super crap…but I guess she is hot enough to get a leading role in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 with Tom Cruise and her last HK movie before going Hollywood is called DRAGON SQUAD with Sammo Hung and Micheal Biehn.

  3. “Naked Weapon” RULES! (In the same way that “So Close” and “Martial Angels” rule.) In other Maggie Q news, she has some nude scenes in “Manhattan Midnight.”

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