Japanese designer; Makoto Nakamura

Makoto Nakamura

Because I am a designer myself, I would like to post about design every once and a while. But of course only about design that has something to do with (Asian) female beauty! Would not want to chase you all away! 😉

Today I present to you the work of Makoto Nakamura. A Japanese designer born in 1926. I will not bore you with his biography, but the man won several awards and his work was exhibited in the Louvre in Paris and the National Museum of Modern Art in Japan. Check out more of his graphic work here.

My thoughts on the design? Beautiful eyes! ;-)top-right: Subtle Perfume Drives You mad / Shiseido Cosmetics, 1978 (103×73 ofset)
bottom-left: Unpainted Lips are Nicer / Shiseido Cosmetics, 1978 (103×73 ofset)
bottom-right: An Evening of Prime Popular Culture, Cultural festival, 1986 (103×73 ofset)

Source: Kirei – Posters from Japan 1978-1993

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0 thoughts on “Japanese designer; Makoto Nakamura”

  1. Asian eyes are simply gorgeous. I think designing with them/around them can yeild some really beautiful results. How about showing us some of your design prowess with perhaps a banner designed around Asian eyes?

  2. And here they are! Think I made them back in 1999. Not very special if I look critical at them now… But then I was happy with the results, and so was Marco. (Had to crop them to make them fit here without messing up the lay-out)

  3. Lee! That’s a very old banner! Did not like it much myself, so did not mention it. Did not even know it was still used. This reminds me I should make a new banner for Asian Sirens very soon! 😉

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