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Take a cute girl with a video camera and a Youtube account and you have a simple formula for instant Internet popularity. If she happens to be Asian, then she just might end up featured here as well.

Lucymisser (her user name, she doesn’t state her real one) doesn’t really talk about anything too profound or even very interesting, for that matter…. but she’s a cutie and has an adorable accent, so I thought; “what the hell…. I’ll add a little to her 15 minutes of fame.” My favorite video of hers is the above entitled, Experiment -Being a Nudist-, in which she claims she experiments with nudism. Even though I doubt that she was really naked (or even topless) when she made that video, it’s a nice thing to imagine.

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  1. A couple of her videos are in Japanese, where she discourses as to why most Japanese are way too shy to post such a web diary. Again, not so profound, but she’s cute, so gets many views and comments.

    A large amount of it (perhaps all?) is fiction, most probably the stuff about depression & isolation. The lonelygirl15 of Japan.

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