Liu Yan (Mainland Sirens 1)


Right here, right now i’m kicking off a mini series of posts bringing you the very best in beauty from mainland China. Something similar to the “Hmong Hotties” posts that kept cropping up a while back, (some of those were great women! Type ‘Hmong’ into the site’s search function to see what i mean).

For those of you who aren’t clear, “mainland” china excludes Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Macau and with over a billion residents likely has more Asian sirens than all the other Asian countries put together. And most of them are waiting to be discovered!

This lady today is Liu Yan. She has to be one of my all time favorite mainland Chinese beauties. She has an irresistible look that is so strongly Asian. Hailing from Huhan province in the spicy south of China, she’s famous for hosting shows and dancing. Hard to believe she is 30 already!














Age: 30
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Located: Mainland China


Nice Vid (Liu Yan with a smooth house tune. What could be better?)

This article also appears at Mainland Hotties.

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  1. The name of the song in the video is “Close to Home” by Blue Six. I dated a beautiful (inside & out)Chinese girl that lived 3 hours north of me at the time in Vancouver BC. She gave me that song to remember her by when we were apart.

  2. In some of those pictures she looks, at least to me, like an Asian version of Barbara Eden from “I Dream of Jeanie”. Good looking gal.

  3. Very spicy indeed! Let me beat Wings to say more skin please. I am guessing she has had a boob job that has been done very well. Lovely!

  4. Welcome aboard Shuai Ge! And what better way to start than with this honey? About the only criticism I can make of this girl is her hair style – apart from that, definitely Doc approvedβ„’. πŸ™‚

  5. Delicious! Very sexy! Especially the second pic!
    Very much your typical sexy Chinese woman on the street in my opinion.
    Doc, which hairstyle don’t you like? There’s quite a few. I am guessing it’s the haystack with the white hoop earrings and the pink dress.

  6. I just can’t seem to get enough of this girl. I must have went through a thousand photos in the Pics link above and saw so many I love. She’s just so gorgeous and sexy. Something about them bangs I love also.

  7. Luke72, please don’t beat me! Although, Liu Yan can.

    She could use a little more sun, I think.

    An Asian Barbara Eden — I love it!

  8. @longtack: all of them pretty much – I’m really not a fan of the long fringe that is is so fashionable amongst Asian girls at the moment.

  9. I wouldn’t do that Wings, but if it means she gets her kit off I may change my non-violence policy.

  10. @ Dr.Lee: Thanks for the welcome. Can’t believe you don’t like the long fringes though.

    A few years back, very few women outside Asia had that hair style. Now to my understanding the look has become fashionable again in the US and Europe thanks to Lady Gaga and others.

    Let me assure you that long fringes have never went in/out of fashion here in China. It’s a classic look that suits Asian women well, something about the features and symmetry of their faces.

  11. @Shuai Ge: I guess I just find this style to be too provincial, and it kind of plays up to the classic “China girl” stereotypes. It’s one of those old fashioned styles that fashion tends to regurgitate when it runs out of new ideas, regardless of how silly it may look in ten years time. I want Asian women to show us their beautiful faces, not hide them behind a fringe!

  12. With due respect, Sir: There are some of your members who enjoy the “provincial” and traditional Chinese style. The “Western-ized”, northern China/big city style with RE-arranged eyes, nose, lips,….is also very nice..but UN-natural! (:-}

  13. My comments regarding long fringes were not related to facial surgery at all; indeed, my dislike of many Asian women’s attempts to “westernise” their faces is well known.

  14. Begging your pardon. The “classic China Girl stereotypes” comment was misinterpreted! If ‘stereotype’ includes the Dragon Lady (of Terry & the Pirates) in qui pao dress (sooo sexy!)…let’s have MORE of it! -(;-)

    Second the WELCOME of Shuai Ge to the fray! (My spouse will assist in the correct pronounciation of your name.)

  15. Tall…nice rackage…aging pretty well. Yeah…the Blue Six house track did’nt hurt in selling me on her either.West Coast deep house is just sensual music. πŸ˜‰

  16. Some Chinese women look GOOD with western style hair. I prefer long black straight hair on my Chinese women – the longer the better – the traditional look I guess.
    But a pretty woman with a mane of long curls also gets my hormones working.
    Yes, the music to the vid WAS nice!
    And if I am not wrong, ‘shuai ge’ means ‘handsome’. And speaking of Shuai Ge, I am very much looking forward to Mainland Siren Number 2.

  17. “Yes, the music to the vid WAS nice!”

    Really? I thought it was unlistenable. But she looked good, that’s for sure.

  18. thanks for the welcome nighthawk. longtack is on the right tracks with my posting name ‘Shuai ge’ is Chinese. It literary translates as ‘Handsome Guy’ but that doesn’t really get across the real meaning.
    It’s used as a complimentary generic term to refer to any young man, sometimes regardless if he’s handsome or not.
    The reason why it suits asian-sirens is that it’s very often used in the together with the term ‘mei nv’ (literary ‘beautiful woman’). Which is what this place is all about!

    I was considering changing the title of the series to “mainland mei nv’s” as it’s sounds catchy but decided against as it would be lost on most readers, but perhaps not nighthawk’s Mrs.

  19. Wow. Amazing body. There is a lot to like here. She appears to have benefited from very good photography, but that just shows well what she has. Her boob job in my mind (but having seen no pix of them unclothed) is really perfect; big on the natural scale in relation to her body. I’d say the face is highly cute, but in fact some of the pics (which is where I think the quality of the photos helps) make her look beautiful. The small waist and torso is fantastic.

  20. Do you think she got the boobs done in China? The apparent quality of the job and size suggests Japan.

  21. Asian Barbara Eden… ha! That will keep me smiling all day. This model looks good in anything. What a beautiful figure to dress up for sexy and artistic shots. Photographer’s delight.

  22. Easy to see she is 30 in some of the pictures. I furthermore would like to say no one really shows much of any chinese models simply because of the controlled media. With that said, there may be more beauties overall, but ones that are actually known; all other asian countries together beat china.

    This woman… She has too much make-up on to appeal to the fashion of being pale. Also, without make-up, her age shows to be a bit older than 30. Still cute, but not quite a beauty. There are plenty other mainland beauties out there that don’t need make-up and the alike. I shall wait for you to post some of them.

    Thanks for posting it though, it is a good change to start digging into the beauties of this country, rather than staying with hong kong and tai.

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