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Amy is on the cover of the May 2011 edition of Import Tuner. While researching for this article, I saw Amy nicknamed as the next best thing. Do you agree? Continue reading and let me know in the comments.I was hoping for Import Tuner to post the photos that they have in their magazine of Amy onto their site before this article was published. If you want to check them out, then be sure to pick up a copy at your local bookstore or newsstand.

I thought it was interesting to find out that Amy also works at Café Lu in Santa Ana. A long time ago, I saw a news story about the Vietnamese coffee shops that were opening up in California. Once I saw the story, I told myself that I would check one out, so I may check out Café Lu the next time I am in California. You can see Amy at the beginning of this video here when the same news station revisits that story.

Is Amy the next best thing? As an import model, I think she will be. She certainly has everything that I look for in a model. I would have preferred if she didn’t have any tattoos. But then again, if I am caught staring at her chest, I will have an excuse.

Height: 5’2’’
Measurements: 34D-24-36
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Age: 20
Location: Orange County, CA










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0 thoughts on “Amy Fay”

  1. Few here know of the GOD (Good Ole Days) in Orange County BHIV (Before HIV) when it was bachelor heaven!

    The ‘Asian-Invasion’ with beauties like Amy has only IMPROVED the stock! WOW! She has got it ALL!

  2. pretty girl but that tattoo is simply stupid. Why a woman ruins her skin with that shit I will never understand

  3. Amy Fay, wow!
    She’s a natural wonder for sure!

    Maybe it’s covered in the links, not sure. Many of them don’t work for me as I’m behind the great Chinese firewall, but can anyone work out what the tat says?

  4. Alright, anyone know what the tattoo says? It must be very important for it to show up so prominently. It it reads “Boob Warrior” in any language I will accept that.

  5. Oh my goodness!…she’s so hot I just drooled. I probably never would have noticed the tattoo either. I don’t care one way or the other. 😉 Now them legs and boobs…that’s a different story. Zoiks!

  6. @Suai Gei: I wouldn’t be so sure she’s a natural wonder. 🙂

    She’s certainly quite a pretty girl (another Viet beauty), but she’s a little too thick for me to be as enthusiastic about her as most others here. But I certainly wouldn’t say no to that face and those boobs either. 🙂

  7. I don’t know if it is because of the tat, but I find her quite unappealing. I like the girl on the left in pic 3

  8. Wow. Someone decided to build their own perfect Asian.

    I like the chicks that look like comic book superheros.

    Ink doesn’t bother me, but less is more.

  9. Yes, i can somewhat overlook the front tat, but her back, multicolored, totally dumb tat is beyond understanding. Title this “Beauty Spoiled.”

  10. Now Amy is one fine momma. Great googamooga!

    But that tattoo? What the hell is wrong with women disfiguring their bodies like that? Her bigtime modeling days are DONE.

  11. Too thick for me.
    She’s more like 32, not 20.

    @Shuai Ge: “Natural Wonder”? Are you kidding me? Nothing natural about her, from her store-bought oversized fake tits and too heavy makeup to the Photoshopped images.

  12. Fabulous rack…decent face work.I would however see about getting the tatt removed.Her face / boob work has the cumulative effect of giving her the typical “Orange County White Chick” look.This is NOT an insult.I actually kinda’ dig that vibe…and she carries it well.Not buying that 20 y.o. stat.More like 27-30 y.o.

  13. I’m a bit puzzled at the “thick” comments. Since when does a healthy, athletic girl with normal measurements becomes thick? I guess I spent some time away from AS and concepts have changed… 🙂

    Amy looks perfect for me. All sensual, great boobs, shinning smile. Great curves all around.

    Cafe Lu has all the ingredients to navigate this crisis. I hope more cafes follow suit. Hot babes…

  14. Ah yeah, regarding the rack, the fifth picture not only shows her before the new rack but also before the tattoo. She was quite pretty enough as is, but I guess as it goes out there in California …

  15. @luvjgirls: the tone of your comments is a little too harsh – you can say the same thing in a more respectful manner.

    Indeed, some of the other comments on her tattoos could be a little more restrained as well.

    @daznlover: we don’t mean she’s unhealthy or anything like that (not at all), it’s just that we prefer our models to be a little slimmer.

  16. Yeah, those thighs are thick – yummy! But that’s about all. Nobody wants a dog but a bone. and you know what a dog does with a bone – buries it.

  17. she is a bit pudgy around the stomach and thighs. pretty surprised at how big her boobs were prior to implants. something tells me though that she isn’t full viet. pre-implant boob size, some facial features and body parts do make me think that she might only be half

  18. Ahhh, finally a girl I really like on here. Really love her body, every inch of it. Great face but I have to say that although I like tattoos, this one sucks. It’s just in the wrong place. I’ll take a good tramp stamp any day but this is just weird.

  19. sorry for the double post but thanks Candyman for the find. I thought I knew all the import models but never heard of this girl or Chaba. Girls like her are why I love living in Socal, I love everything about them. This makes my whole day better.

  20. I’m with slackerking.

    I like the SoCal look and while this lovely has had some alterations done, IMHO they all come together well, unlike some you’ve seen who get three surgeries and no longer quite look human.

    To me she looks like a Asian Megan Fox back when she was still hot. I just thought everyone would mention it so I didn’t previously!

    Like I said, she looks like a hot comic book character. To her surgeon, well done sir. Well done indeed.

  21. Sad that a girl so pretty and well-built got tatted up in a silly place and bolted on big fake titties.

    Beautiful smile.

  22. Once again, I ask why some commenters here seem to feel it’s okay to leave their manners behind when talking about breast implants or tattoos. When you post your comments, by all means express your opinion, but try to think of how it will come across if the model herself were to read them.

  23. If photo 5 is pre-boob job, she should have left well enough alone. As usual, I’m not digging the tats.

  24. Sexy girl, but same as other posters not a big fan of the tattoo… That’s why pic number 4 is my fav… Photoshoped or shot before she got that nasty tat?

  25. Tats ruin what otherwise is a great package. Great smile, phenomenal rack, and nice skin color. The guy who suggested that is a moron. And agree with those who say she’s older than 20 (but not buying 32). Why lie?

  26. hello all. inspite of the rumors i was not kidnapped by vietnamese hostesses. although getting kidnapped by Amy would not be that bad 🙂 have to spend more time here than Facebook 🙂

  27. HaH!…turns out my wife is sort of big into facebook. At least she was. Must be one of them girl thingys. 😛

  28. arf: It’s a good way to connect with relatives in other countries (photos of the nieces and nephews and such).

  29. That comment was completely off-topic arf. I’m calling a halt to any further discussion of this issue right now – there’s plenty of other places you can talk about it.

  30. gorgeous face, but that tattoo was not such a great idea. could have gotten away with it someone less conspicuous.

  31. I am not a fan of tats, but in this case, it makes her stand out, and not in a negative way. She seems to be a hard worker, and stands above the vast majority of models in beauty and sexiness. Lovely smile. A+ Amy.

  32. She is another hard working So Cal girl that really should be more respected nationally. I admit, she looks a bit more than 20, but expect that she will look this age for another decade, easily.

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