LaLa is a model from France. I’m not sure what her last name is, but I believe it’s Zhang, making her Chinese. You can find all of her galleries here. You don’t find many Asian models living in France. I wish her photos were a little bit less touched up. Not because I think she would look worse, but because I think her skin is probably nice enough that the more realistic looking photos would be sexier.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’5
Located: France







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  1. Beautiful pics of a sexy girl! She’s the type of chick that probably wouldn’t turn heads if she was wearing clothes, but is stunning nude.

  2. I agree with Chester. She’d look cute with clothes on, but she looks fantastic nude. I’d keep the house warm so she could walk around like that all the time.

  3. And a lovely backside as well.

    There once was a girl from France
    Who looked great without any pants
    Who said come her wings
    And I’ll show you some things
    So I said what the hell, bonne chance!

  4. Fantastic figure! Nice small waist. It always seems as if she has fangs for teeth, just the way her lips and her mouth are arranged. ^^

  5. Wngs beat me to the no pants classic.

    There’s a place in France
    Where the naked ladies dance…..

    Ex of mine (yes, Doc, Viet) used to tell me that I was in LaLa land when she was pissed about something. Little did I know how much I’d like to be.

  6. I think a few of us are going gaga over lady lala. And rightly so.
    After seeing the galleries, I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen her on Model Mayhem/iStudio as well.

  7. Very good facial acting. She is in ecstasy being nude. Very good energy. Not my usual taste but you can’t really argue with the beauty in these photos

  8. Very pretty girl. She doesn’t look 26 in any of those pictures. Would be incredible with a set of C’s.

  9. okdoc
    translation word for word:
    oh my dearest of all, how your delightful self is leaving me speechless….

  10. Unbelievable photography. Photographer was inspired by such a lithe and beautiful body and hair. The 3rd pic slays me. The 5th is so beautifully lit, kudos.

  11. Basho and luvasianwimin – i agree with you both about the photographer’s!
    He does bring out the best of what lala has to offer. Certainly no simple ‘point and shoot’ here.

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