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Erica is a half-Filipina model, actress, and make up artist and is currently featured in the March 2012 edition of DSport Magazine. She’s also someone that I wanted to write about for a long time, so let’s meet her.I can’t remember how I found out about Erica, but most people know her as the ravishing beauty in the red dress in the music video “Like a G6” by Far East Movement, which I never bothered to watch until I started researching this article. If I would have known that she was in this video, I would have watched it sooner.

I’m more familiar with Erica from the articles featuring her that were put together by IGN. I feel that the photos that she’s in for IGN are by far her best work.

Name: Erica Lynn Ocampo
Age: 24
Birthdate: January 7, 1988
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 118 lbs
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Ethnicity: Filipina/French/English/Irish
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii






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0 thoughts on “Erica Ocampo”

  1. finally a very nice post candyman. excellent body and nice ethic mix for the face. Nothing i can find wrong with this one

  2. oh la la, moi j’aime the mix!
    i just hope she cooks like a frenchie, plays music like a brit, drinks like an irish and loves like a filipina.
    Not to be mixed up!

  3. Gorgeous! Super-sexy! Pretty face! Nice mix of Asian and Caucasian – still looks Asian but obviously mixed. Appealing to the eye!

  4. @sucez: there are so many ways to go wrong with a response to that! Filipinas can cook as well (but not drink that much).

  5. Oh yes, about Erica. The first picture left me a little underwhelmed, but the third photo was truly awesome.

    About her boobs: I have known 32C’s, 32C’s have been friends of mine. Erica’s boobs are no 32C’s. …… Gotta be bigger than that.

  6. Thanks Luke. I was worried I’d be alone.
    I was having difficulty tying to work out what it was that wasn’t grabbing me.
    I mean she should, but she didn’t, for some inexplicable reason.
    Pic 3, as I said, is sensational, but the other pics left me feeling flat and unimpressed.
    I’m now including pic 1, which might mean she is slowly growing on me.

  7. There’s nothing better than waking up to the hotties posted here (well other than actually waking up next to one of them). It’s pretty hard to believe anyone who likes women wouldn’t find her stunning but I guess not. She’s not my perfect woman but she’s pretty damn hot.

    Wingsfan I know some filipina girls that can drink most any guy under the table and they’re hot so not sure about that generalization:)

  8. slackerking, most of the filipinas I know are 2 – 3 drinks and done, but of course you build up a tolerance if you drink frequently. And yes, I was generalizing, cuz that’s what we do here (in addition to looking at Asian sirens) 🙂

  9. A generalization that isn’t always true? I don’t believe it 😉
    Longtack I am finding it hard to pinpoint the exact reason, she looks a bit like Jennifer Lopez IMO, but to me just not very pretty. Something about the size of her head and features I think.

  10. lol slackerking. I thought for a sec I might have been turning gay. Thankfully I woke up next day, saw Erica again and now I KNOW I’m not. Must have been an off day. I said that I thought it might have just been me.
    Yet, I still have no inclination, unlike every other model posted, to visit the links. So I still think something isn’t grabbing me. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll find nothing new to change my opinion. Pic 3 is enough for me.

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