Ladie K


Ladie K is an aspiring actress. Based on that one photo above it appears she has a very nice smile, but unfortunately I do not see her use it. Hopefully in her acting career she will use it as a weapon.




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  1. Interesting. The first woman i know who looks substantially more pretty upside-down.

    Right side up, and I have to fight the compulsion to go and fetch her a load of hay.

    She has a great stomach….. upside down of course

  2. haha….thats true…upside down is the way to go with her. i think the pics get progressively worse as you scroll down

  3. no part of this women is special or unique to me. she’s a stock standard looking hong kong girl. plenty more out there that look just like this one.

  4. I agree with the upside down comment. “She has a great stomach”, perhaps, but she should put some FOOD in it. I really dislike the “norm” of this era that skinny is beautiful. Bones sticking out is not beautiful, IMHO. Might as well like a skeleton!

  5. Looks like those pictures of John Edwards’ girlfriend from GQ… if she was hot and had pants on…

    Definitely better upside down, though she has a vern nice back too.

    I like the one where she’s taking off the silk gown in the grand ballroom of Versaille (or wherever it is).

  6. Put some nipples on a skeleton and I’m all over it! …maybe a little lipstick around the teeth too.

  7. She is quite thin yet there excellent definition, I guess small curves as being more interesting than lumpy. She maybe stock HK but I will take stock in that face anytime.

  8. From the City of the Bulls and the Bears,
    Comes Ladie K, but who the heck cares!?
    It’s said she’s too lean
    And sans smile looks too mean;
    From this bunch she would not get many stares.

  9. I would’ve given you extra points if you worked in upside down and “scottie pippen”, dbldipper

  10. From the City of the Bulls and the Bears,
    Comes Ladie K, but who the heck cares!?
    It’s said she’s too lean
    And sans smile looks too mean;
    From this bunch she would not get many stares.

    It seems the photographer tried very hard,
    To find the right angle to accent some lard.
    Upside down or upright, despite all the clickin’,
    She showed no more fat than did young Scottie Pippen.

    There ya go.

  11. when I opened this site
    my boxers drew tight
    for at first glance did Ladie seem hot

    But as I scrolled downwards
    my excitement went groundwards
    for when she’s up-standing she’s not

    Of course I would do her
    so i shouldn’t poo-poo her
    but I do have conditions to meet

    to make the date right
    if she wants on the light
    I’ll need to be holding her feet

  12. kroos; OMFG, ROTFLMAO!!

    Man, I tried and tried, but there is no way I could outdo kroos, dbldipper and luvasianwimin:-(

  13. There once was a lady from Chi-town
    Who looked better when upside down
    But the people in Sitka
    Think she looks like Mike Ditka
    Which is why she’s now wearing a frown

  14. I must say I am enjoying these “Poems to the Editor” posts as much as I am the photos…….nice job, gents.

  15. Well done doubel dipper, kroos and WF.

    As I am without poetic talent, I resort to most mystical (and thus unassailable) format, Haiku:

    Inverted Ladie
    prefer you to right side up, hence
    I will stand on head

  16. Perhaps AS should name an official poet laureate.

    At this moment I would go with Kroos, though all were good efforts

  17. Ooooh Weeee!…Ladie K’s butt looks so lovely. I’ll have to check back after work tonight and see what else I can find.

  18. Yikes! says the dipper of two
    Collector scored with his witty Haiku.
    I laughed ’til tears came,
    And I can happily proclaim
    I’ve been surely out-versed by the kroos.

  19. Well, arf, yeah that collection is… um… outstanding in many ways.

    The Ladie was blue
    Her shoot went snafu
    Not much to do
    Just go with the hue
    Head and hands, too

  20. Some cute photos, but I really dislike the one referred by TheCollector.

    Will somebody please rotate the 1st pic by 180 degrees? It’s just wrong. 🙂

  21. There once was a Lady named K
    Who some here were anxious to lay
    Although there’s no chance
    for the horizontal dance
    T’would be better upside down anyway

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