Korean Soccer Babe: Shin Mina

Soccer babes

I have never cared much for soccer. But man, some of these teams sure have beautiful supporters! 😛

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  1. Her name is Shin Mina and was Ms. World Cup Korea 2002. She’s approx. 25 years old; height 5’5″ (have no idea how actual they are).


    Before her fame, she was a back-up dancer for Park Ji Yoon, a Korean artist. Months after that fateful day, the recording company, J Company, signed Mina and the rest was history. Her sexy good looks, bubbly personality and good moves made her a big hit in Korea’s music industry. Mina has just recently released her first album entitled ‘Rendezvous’ and first single “Answer the Phone”, was both a big hit in South Korea.


  2. My friend went to Seoul on business often a few years back – said they’re weren’t any hot Korean women – d’oh! He obviously never saw Shin. Of course he likes Dallas women – e.g. blondes.
    That’s amazing that she’s 33 – almost wonder if that’s a misprint.

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