Korean Racing Models Do the Gwiyomi Song

Released three months ago by Korean singer Hari, the Gwiyomi (“Cutie”) Song immediately went viral and has now become the latest Internet meme to originate from Korea. Above are three of the most popular Korean Racing models doing their version. The ladies are (clockwise from top left) Hana Hong (whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing here), Boyoung Chun, and Siyoung Ha.

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0 thoughts on “Korean Racing Models Do the Gwiyomi Song”

  1. Darn I never even heard of this Gwiyomi thing I need to focus more on my Asian culture studies.

  2. ummmmmm…… I’m a bit creeped out by that to be honest. In my own personal opinion i happen to think Korean women are the finest of Asian ladies, but i have never understood the attraction of grown women behaving like 5 year olds. I had to break up with the finest lady (Korean) I have ever been with for this reason. Damn i wish we made some “bedroom” movies while i had the chance however…… (I’d put them on youtube so Longtack can’t see ‘em……. 🙂 )

  3. 3 stunners doing the song must be a notch higher than many other versions out there. Yes, yes, I am so happy I saw it. Not often that I get the chance to say “thanks CEC”.

  4. I’m with you, badnews….

    If I were ruler of all the Asiatic People (reference from The Hangover II) I would ban western noses on Asian women. 🙂

    I know that sounds intolerant….but, as Ruler of the Asiatic People I can kinda do that. Of course, I would grant waivers if anyone here on Asian-Sirens asks….there would be forms to fill out, waiting lists, court hearings, etc….

    If I want to see a big nose I’ll look in the mirror.

    Stop the madness!

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