Korean Race queens @ Kineda.com

Korean Race queens @ Kineda.com

Check out some Korean race queen beauties at Kineda.com.

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  1. I must agree. There are many hot Asian women but if you take the hottest of the hottest, it’s gotta be Korean chics. No doubt, they have the prettiest face. But lose points in the figure dept.

  2. Debatable, I think. I’ve seen some Korean girls with really beautiful bodies. But in general, they are not as curvy as some of the Japanese, especially if they are from Hokaido.

  3. Two words: Plastic surgery.

    Can you imagine marrying a hot chick only to have incredibly ugly offsprings?

  4. My opinion is the exact opposite of drvalidus – I think Koreans have the best bodies of all Asian women (or at least the longest legs), but I don’t think they are the prettiest. They may be the sexiest Asians overall, but for me Vietnamese are definitely the most beautiful (though definitely not most Vietnamese American models!).

  5. hi , this my first posting. I prefer mature korean ladies, you know..between 35 ~ 40 with long flowing treses and small waist. Wears white shirt and skirt…… yeah han ladies nicer.

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