Create Flickr Strips With Bubblr


Bubblr! made it really easy for you to create a strip online using your own or somebody else’s Flickr pics. First you search through the Flickr pics database by entering the name of a Flickr user or by entering a tag. After that the only thing you have to do is drag and drop the pics you like into the strip. Add some text balloons and some text and voila: your very own pic-strip on the web.

Here’s the Asian-Sirens strip that I created in a couple of minutes.

Thanks to FreshCreation

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  1. One more thing I think you should do – our profile pics should lead to our actual profiles, so people can contact us more easily.

  2. We should also add a link to the advanced search page in the main menu (actually, I have to say the normal serach function is almost useless).

  3. Which flickr user did you use these pics from? I want the one with “Did you notice Asian Sirens have had some cosmetic surgery” Her facials are kool!
    Link me up scotty!

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