Kohane (Xiao Yu)


Kohane is a nude body art model featured on a variety of Chinese nude model websites. As far as I can tell, “Kohane” is her name, but that is a Japanese name, so it is possible she is also a model in Japan and I can’t locate her. Similarly, “Xiao Yu” came up a few times as well, so maybe it’s Xiao Yu?Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Chinese? Japanese?
Located: ?













Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3

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0 thoughts on “Kohane (Xiao Yu)”

  1. Now this I like – beautiful photos of a beautiful girl with a really lovely body. Okay, so it looks like she has a nose job (and possibly other facial surgery as well), but I don’t think its overdone in this case.

  2. Fantastic! As Doc mentioned, they are beautiful artistic photos and obviously Kohane is quite lovely.

    I’d like to see some shots that are more natural (less posed), too. And would a big smile hurt? I do like the sly smile, though.

  3. Appealing in all categories. More of this pls Travis. The photo of her straddling the futon DRIVES ME CRAZZZZZEE!!!

  4. oh dear… and another who looks like one of my students.

    Must…. not…. think…. improper… thoughts….

    Hang on, she’s graduating in 2 weeks. WAHOO!!!

    improper thoughts improper thought improper thoughts mmmmmmmm

    (on a side note… my chinese is pretty crap but i guess Xiao yu could mean either ‘little fish’ or ‘little rain’. I suppose it could be a real name)

  5. Japan,China,Tiawan: Who cares? She dispalys her charms, all of them, in a most effective way for all of US to enjoy!!

  6. Yes, kroos, she is Chinese. ‘Xiao’ is often used in front of a first name, it means ‘small’ or ‘little’. It is often an affectionate way of calling someone.

    Beautiful breasts.

  7. Wow, Whitesnake somehow made its way into the conversation on AS. Never thought I’d see that.

    She’s fairly pretty, but the style of photos leaves me wanting to see some more natural poses.

  8. she has a nice body and the nudity is a big plus but I don’t find her face attractive at all.

  9. “Okay, so it looks like she has a nose job (and possibly other facial surgery as well), but I don’t think its overdone in this case.”

    I’m curious Dr. Lee why you think anyone would have their nose changed to look like this lady’s? I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of big noses on delicate ladies and it’s obvious this lady has a nose of some significance. The photos are decent, not great. Still, I can’t imagine what her nose must have looked like before her surgery.

  10. “Here I go again on my own….but I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time.”

    I don’t like this nose…

  11. @salmo: rhinoplasty of this nature is very common amongst Asian women today, as they consider a high, western style nose to be more attractive than the traditional Asian button nose – unfortunately.

  12. She certainly is sexy and cute at the same time. Especially the pics of her showing off her beautiful natural breasts. Also, I was gonna sing a Whitesnake song too, but the one that came to mind might be a little to vulgar. 😉

  13. she has nice eys and lips. but her nose!! :O nice body. i like the nips and bust size. and slender legs.

  14. The funny thing is, a beautiful woman in the US would likely get a nose like that fixed. This is the second “big nose” that many think is a product of plastic surgery.

    I can buy the argument Chinese women want a more western nose. I just have a hard time believing they want Jimmy Durante’s nose.

  15. That is the sad reality – as I said, this one actually isn’t that bad compared to many. It may be unbelievable for westerners who consider this type of nose to be ugly, but that’s the way it really is.

  16. Doc, I actually don’t find the nose “ugly” and really don’t mind a slightly large proboscis on a beautiful woman. My point was simply that in our culture (Western) many attractive women have this kind of nose “fixed”.

    I’m all for keeping the natural button nose most Asian women have, BTW.

  17. Yes, I know it is ironic that western women want to get such noses reduced while many Asian women want to make them this way (and I’ve said as such many times in the past), but once again, as absurd as it is, that is how it is. An interesting study in the different perceptions of different cultures.

  18. I think I could fall in love with her without any trouble at all. She is simply stunning in my opinion. I also think she looks similar a young version of Gong Li.

    Note: Gong Li is without a doubt, in my mind the perfect Asian women physically. For the record, I have had a deep love of her for decades if one can claim such a thing for a person they have never met.

  19. Gong Li is much prettier than Kohane.

    I don’t think her nose is horrible or anything, but to my eyes it keeps her from being gorgeous.

  20. When I saw the first picture, I was very impressed – funny how her nose didn’t seem so prominent in that pose.

  21. I must have a completely warped sense of nasal beauty because I find her nose fantastic! I generally prefer noses that are more prominent and Kohane has just that.

    Not only is her face stunning her body is definitely worth writing home about. Absolutely *perfect* breasts, a tight body and expressive eyes.

    A gorgeous package and a 10 in my book! ^_^

    As per the “young” Gong Li comparison I suppose I can see a bit of that. Having said that, Gong Li is about as close to perfection as you can get and an ageless beauty. *sighs*

  22. First pic ok, others got me disappointed. Nose is a turn off, she needs your help Doc!

    Its funny how she is not turning on a few of us, but is considered stunning by a few others.

  23. There’s a funky beauty to her face–like fermented tofu–not for everyone. Chinese for sure. I love the nose.

    How’s everyone? Travis is rockin with the posts.

  24. Pretty cute. She is Chinese, actually.


    According to the picture on this blog, she’s from Gansu Province in northwest China, is 165cm tall, weighs 46kg and has the “three measurements” of 85-65-86. In case you were wondering, her shoe size is 36# (US women’s 6).

    Chinese sources seem to refer to her as a “Guo Mo” which means a sort of “national model,” in the sense of originating domestically.

  25. ..just to be clear, I did say ‘hints of’, not ‘looks like’. she’s very pretty and elegant in her own right, nose and all.

  26. im glad she is a nude body model because i enjoy seeing her nude body. she appears more japanese in some shots. regardless where she’s from she’s nice.

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