Jezel Perez


Jezel Perez has very few photos and they’ve clearly been touched up, but there is something about her that really draws me in – something I really like. I hope she’s around for a bit so I can see if my belief is justified.Stats:

Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Australia





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  1. Nice goodlooking Filipina, beautiful face and eyes and hair, want to see more of her curves and body….. Give a “9” so far!….
    More pictures and infos of this lady are welcome!

  2. Many won’t find this look appealing, but I find her ‘hard’ edges VERY attractive. She looks like many of the women I dated when younger and so many more that I wanted to date / sleep with that wouldn’t reciprocate!

    I personally like these very petite girls from the Philipenes and I find Jezel VERY appealing (though she could skip the thin eyebrows).

  3. I think I have to concur with all of the comments so far, except that “9” seems a bit too high. More revealing photos would be awesome.

  4. I can see how Travis finds ‘something’ in her appealing. And I do think she has a ‘look’ that can be most mature (pic 3 esp) as well as ‘young’ (pic 2).
    Not knowing her background, apart from Flipina, and seeing she is located in Australia I’d guess she had some aboriginal blood (esp pic 2). Maybe it’s the hair colour in that pic that makes me think of blonde aboriginal women, which kind of makes it a natural colour and not an effect.
    Interestingly, I saw that same hairstyle on 2 young Chinese women the other day with loops and twirls, and bits coming out from all directions.
    For me, pic 2 is the pic of the bunch, because Dr Lee has a point too – she isn’t that remarkable.
    Finally, the studio must think she has ‘something’ too..plastering the watermark over the images to protect their ‘investment’ maybe?

  5. @ longtack. At first i read your post and was thinking “what the hell are you talking about? Aboriginal??!?”. So i had to force myself to have another stare at her photos…

    And now i think you could be on to something…. I now agree, especially picture 2.

    Whatever…. she is not really my type… but give her a pair of glasses and i reckon she could definitely pull off some pretty good school-teacher/librarian porn.

  6. I’m basically with Doc on this.

    I will say I might find her very attractive in person, as a tiny little sexpot is hard for me to resist. But these pics aren’t doing it for me.

  7. Hmmm, cute. Only girl I’ve seen on here in months that I thought was pretty. I have to say Travis, youre the only one who posts anyone even remotely interesting to me. Thanks for the post.

  8. I like this girl, but the only girl in MONTHS that is pretty. Methinks slackerking is trolling:-(

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