Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

I first discovered Kiana Tom while watching the ESPN fitness show “BodyShaping”, in which she was one of the very well built hosts. I was easily captivated by her beauty, natural charm and fantastic sense of humour.

Kiana posed for Playboy back in May of 2002, and these lovely images are the wonderful result of the shoot. Kiana, aside from being a fitness guru and supermodel, was also an Oakland Raider cheerleader. Cheer with me guys! Go Kiana GO!

Kiana is part Chinese & Hawaiian, with just a hint of Irish. Besides working her body to physical perfection, Kiana is also a very gifted virtuoso piano player.

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

You can visit Kiana’s Official Website for more photos, information, and to see what she’s up to currently.

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  1. YUMMY! Her jawline is looking slightyly steroidal though.Chix are weird enough…but fitness chix are usually at least 7 kinds of screwed in the head.I thought Kee-Lin Kurnick
    the other Asian babe on those ESPN fitness shows was more feminine…even approachable.They both gotta be pushin’ 40 about now.

  2. I find it sad that ‘steroids’ gets thrown out now by people who obviously know nothing about fitness and nutrition. Stripes, I’d like to know what you have against women working out (your ‘screwed up in the head’ rant)? She hasn’t developed any huge muscles – just toned the ones she has – are you insecure? She’s just a very beautiful woman who works out and eats right. So what if she’s near 40? She looks better than 99% of 22 yr olds I see in Los Angeles any day.

    Her career stalled here in the US (like many other woman’s) when she announced that she was married. You always expect high profile, amazingly attractive women to marry celebrities or very rich guys – some (incredibly) lucky firefighter is now Mr. Kiana!

  3. YEAH STRIPES! GOTTA AGREE WITH (just screwing with ya Doc) Westcoast, she looks and always did look amazing no matter what her age and I don’t see the steriod jaw thing you refer to..Nice choice for a story Mooch Rex (but I think the pictorial was 2001 or 02). We need another!!

  4. Easy on the coffee there “WestCoast”.I know a lot about fitness and nutrition…and about dating women in that industry.I’ve got nothing against babes gettin’ after it in the gym.Hell-I’ll go you one further…I’ve got no problem with perfromance enhancing drugs.
    We as a race-(humans I mean)-are right on the edge of a post human existence.One where we live longer…look better longer…etc…But the rolling test bed that is drugs/surgery/prosthetics still needs some slight tweaks.One of those tweaks is how to
    enhance muscularity/performance without
    warping the grill.
    As for her age…Did you read my first sentence there?(“YUMMY!”) If her and Kee-Lin were say on the second or fifth
    glass of chardonnay-on girls night out…and demanded of me that I take them to my pad for an oil wrestling/fruit smearing sexfest in my specially padded and mirrored and web-cammed room that I keep handy for just such occurences…I suppose a mans’ gotta do what a mans’
    gotta do.;-> Have a better day kid.

  5. Stripes, LOL! First off I don’t drink coffee. Secondly I’m not a kid. Thirdly you CLAIM you know about fitness/nutrition but your ‘steroidy’ claims puts that in doubt. There’s nothing wrong with her jawline. You made the comments about age – not me. The rest of your ‘rebuttal’ is just rambling, babbling silliness – including your claims of being a real ‘lady’s man’ – I won’t even bother.

    So you like to take advantage of women who have consumed alcohol? (2nd or 5th glass…) and then videotape your ‘conquests’ – classy!

    FYI – this site is posted by a ‘mature’ woman – you might want to tone down the Ageism rhetoric.

  6. A few clarifications: Kiana was born in March 1965, making her a cool 41. Her Playboy spread was in the May 2002 (not 1992) issue, so at the time she was a hot 37. (See

    Fake breasts and stylized makeup are not my cup of tea, but from the solar plexus down I agree with WestCoast: Ms. Tom looks better than > 99% of women half her age.

  7. Except for the distracting boob job, her lovely bronze body is truly piece of beautiful art! Even with her prominently toned muscles showing, she remains so totally feminine and sexy! You can’t say that about many body-builder females. But hey, she’s Asian and that’s the difference!

  8. Actually, I think her hard, fake tits are a perfect match for her hard, fit body. She’s too much for me now, but I think she looks great in these pics.

    And everybody else – EASY ON THE CAPS! 😉

  9. Wow, I’m glad this posting inspired some healthy debate! QueensGirlsRock, thanks for the clarification on when Kiana posed for Playboy, I actually had that down in the orginal draft, but must have typed it in wrong. After checking it multiple times before submitting, it completely slipped by me! My bad! I updated the entry with the proper information.
    As for Kiana herself, I’ve always thought she was beautiful. I found her to be tone without alot of insane masculine muscle. In fact, I think she looks incredible in those shots! Fit, but not pushed past her femininity. I was browsing her site yesterday and saw she’s bulked up since then, which isn’t my cup of tea….

  10. I’m not yet 30, but I see some damn fine women in their 40s everyday. To hell with ageism. Age is just a number. Just wanted to toss in my 2 cents.

  11. yeah, her boobs would be even better if they were real, but still, they suit her physique and i don’t think anyone here could argue that she isn’t statuesque and the camera loves every inch of her. beautiful!

  12. I used to be in love with this woman. I’d get up at 6 in the morning, just to watch her flex. And her Playboy shoot? Gorgeous!
    Who cares how old she or whether her boobs are fake!? My question is…would you turn her down? I sure wouldn’t!

    I understand her show is now on something called The Attitude Channel. I wonder if its new shows or just repeats of her ESPN series. She seemed to vanish after Playboy and that UNIVERSAL SOLDIER film she did. I keep hoping she’ll make a comeback.

    I went by her store on her wen site and noticed the swimsuit video. Not as good as Playboy, but worth a consideration.

  13. she’s still perfect. asian women are a perfect long term investment, 24 or 41 they still look almost the same.
    i was seriously addicted to her show, while still in HS. indeed, it was on early in the morning, on some long forgotten channel. and her chin is not a byproduct of steroids. someone as fit as kiana, must have a very, very body fat, hence her features are a bit sharp. a side effect of being THAT fit is disappearance of natural breast. but i’ll take a fit flat chested woman, over a flabby & floppy breasted one.

  14. I just picked up a signed Playboy magazine from her ebay auction…and also a pair of her gym socks!!! HOT!

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