Khyanna Song


Khyanna Song is a glamour model and go-go dancer from Las Vegas. She was the featured model in the January 2012 edition of Penthouse magazine and has posed nude for the website Digital Desire, which is how I found out about her.

I could not find any further details about Khyanna, but I do know that she is incredibly sexy. Maybe one of our readers has some additional details about her.







Digital Desire | Video Clip
Gallery | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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  1. I’ve been a big fan of Khyanna Song since I saw her Penthouse pictures a few months back. Very pretty girl. Almost positive she was Hmong but I can’t find evidence of why I thought that.

  2. Have you ever had crabs from seafood city Wings?

    I like this girl but not totally smitten for some reason. I don’t reckon she’d age too well.

    The last pic had me confused for a few seconds….. I actually thought she was wearing some kind of bunched up fabric panties….

  3. I been wishing more models would show their vag, they don’t have to spread them open like her, but can be tastefully revealed.

    She is cute, and would be fun.

  4. Great figure, gorgeous hair. Face is ok -eyes, nose and lips are not appealing to me for some reason. Very chubby down below.

  5. Nurse! Nurse! Help me please, I hurt myself… somewhere…. Those are one type of Asian legs. Not long, thicker on the thigh. When in Asia… love this girl.

  6. “Incredibly sexy” Candyman, is a huge understatement.
    She has a strong WOW factor.
    I REALLY want to know who her sexy Asian friend is in the 6th pic, taking her pic.
    For a second I thought it was Khyanna taking the pic because it didn’t look like she was the main subject.
    oh and mmmmm mmmmm! Nurse indeed! I feel faint, weak at the knees.
    lol@kroos..crabs..hope you mean the Fitzroy River muddies type. mmm again!

  7. Hello guys. Long time no see this site since was blocked by them who don’t understand the beauty.
    This Khayana is very sexy. Bravo.

  8. Where is this site blocked Niners? Even China doesn’t bother blocking it (or they haven’t stumbled across it..yet shhhhhhh!
    But Ms Song is a nice ‘welcome back gift’ for you, yes?

  9. She’s is very beautiful but looks very different from picture to picture. Can’t get a feel for her. I’m wanting to know more about the girl in the mirror taking the picture in #6.

  10. lol @kroos, bunched up panties!!

    Seafood City is a chain of very large Filipino grocery stores in California and Nevada.

    I got crabs back in my younger, wilder days, but not from a grocery store:-)

  11. Where is the Doc? I guess he’ll emerge to pounce on sucez again for the non-English haha.
    Asian Brigitte Bardot? hmmm could be. I can see the resemblance in the nurse pic.
    Maybe it’s the lips (no not THOSE lips lol) and the eyebrows.

  12. longtack, there is third party and they call them self as “guard of one religion”. In fact, they are only political job, especially in Indonesia.
    Very funny they said it is for everyone good, but unfortunately the member of people’s representatives made a porn movie with them as the star.

  13. Not in quite some time have I come back – again and again – to view Ms. Song. While she’s not perfect, there is something so alluring about her…almost intoxicating.

    I don’t like that she’s shaved, but she has such an interesting face…wow! Can’t say enough about how truly amazing she appears to be.

  14. this. forget all those other late 20’s cockteases with 100,000 handbra and full coverage panty pics, or stamped out hos with 98 piercings and nary a square inch of unblemished skin. not some Japanese AV queen with an ugly face, terrible teeth, a blurry bush, and size 37 Quadruple F implants. this.

  15. Khyanna is wonderful but is quite a mystery girl. She seems to have abandoned her FB and Twitter accounts. A few places say she is from Fresno, graduated from Fresno State, lives in Las Vegas and go go dances. Normally, a person would assume this is all code for the fact that she is stripping at a club in Las Vegas. But in the case, I am not sure. I would sure like to know and would make sure I went by her club the next time I was there. Inquiring minds….

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