Karen Tysin


Karen Tysin isn’t going to be the flavor of a lot of the people here, but you know how I roll. I like to mix it up. Karen Tysin is full Thai, and I believe she’s a hip hop model.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Las Vegas







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  1. ummmmmmm…

    she’d give me performance anxiety.

    I might go back to the dimly lit bar instead…

  2. Not a big fan of hip hop…but I sure love me some hip hop models. She’s pretty bangin with that backside of hers indeed.

  3. She’s not my cup of coffee
    She’s not my cuppa tea.
    She’s not the butter on my bread.
    Gotta think of sumthin’ instead.

    She’s not the straw that stirs my drink
    She’s not everything and the kitchen sink.
    She’s not the wind beneath my wings
    But her body absolutely sings.

    Yet here I am, still unphased
    Wanting just the perfect phrase.
    How do I talk ‘bout a woman so hot?
    I’d love to taste the honey in her pot.

  4. She’s got a great confidence. Beautiful . Look at that smile in pic 2 and a hint of it in pic 5. These are the best photos for me. The others are good but can’t see any personality.

  5. Pretty but not gorgeous. Absolutely rockin’ body and an Asian with an ass!

    And she lives in Vegas, baby!!

  6. Wow! Sexy..hot body!
    I was a bit worried by your opening comment Travis, about some of us not liking her, but no complaints from me.

  7. Very very curvy and hot Thai girl. I think she’s much prettier than many of her counterparts, though maybe that’s because she’s in America.

  8. First of all. a big hello! to everyone here. I’ve been watching these posts for the past week or so and have back tracked through every single post and comment from 2009 till the present. Dr. Lee and Travis, you are both heroes in my book.

    Now to more important things:

    I’m a fond admirerer of Thai women and this one is by far my favorite ‘right now’ girl. It’s not often you get those types of curves. This is not a girl I’d take home to mom by any means, but I’d love to take her home nonetheless. I agree with slacker above that a good meal at McDonalds now and then doesn’t completely kill it for me 😉

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