Kaede Matsushima

Kaede Matsushima

Long legged Kaede Matsushima , born on November 7, 1982 in Fukuoka (Japan), debuted in Japanese Adult Videos when she was 19 years old. Since than she is one of the most popular Japanese AV stars. And although I’ve never watched one of her videos, I can imagine why.

You can find her official website at matsushimakaede.com and her blog at blog.livedoor.jp/matsushimakaede.

Last month, Kaede Matsushima was featured on the Italian porn blog Numerozero (see also this gallery). Definitely the most complete picture gallery can be found at scanlover.com (only for members).

Kaede Matsushima

A selection of paysites featuring Kaede Matsushima (with info on her movies):


More info on Kaede Matsushima is definitely appreciated!

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  1. Cant’ beliee nobody posed a comment for this AV idol. Practically any avid AV collector has at least one of her videos in their collection. She is so well known for her beautiful legs, and big round eyes…
    and off course her off camera bitchiness.

    She is also well known for giving great performance when paired with a tall dark actors, but when she is assigned actors which dont arouse her, she literally tunes down the performance.

    By now, 2005, she should have been in the industry for 3 years. Still strong fan following and sales.

    She is one of the flagship actress of Japan Home Video. BUt I am sure the guys at Stleart, S1 or Moodyz are working like crazy to pry her out.

  2. I have several of her dvd’s, as well as over 200 more from my years of living in Japan. I’m trying to sell quite a few of them. They are all like new condition, the biggest names(Oikawa, Ayana Kyoko, Kanou Mizuho, Cocolo, Megumi Ohsawa, Rina, Mai hagiwara, etc. I collected from 1999 to 2004. All the big companies, Atlas 21, Sexia, Momotaro, Moodys, HMP, Alice, SOD, etc.

  3. I love her badly. I collect all her pics, although it’s hard for me to watch her movies now. I will watch them in the near future.

  4. Well, anyone with a decent computer can play and copy any DVD no matter what region it is coded for. DVD region coding is only an obstacle for schmucks. Plus, you can buy all-region dvd players from Germany for like, $80.

  5. Ok, I’m finally taking a part in this site. I’ve been wondering about my fans, so I decided to join. Anyway, the main thing I want to know is how many of you like me more than Sora Aoi…or if you wouldn’t mind seeing us both together, because I know I wouldn’t. But don’t worry, it will take a LOT to pry me out of the business, and I am definitely getting better and better with my performances. Hope you like my work!

  6. Welcome to Asian Sirens Kaede! When you say “you wouldn’t”, do you mean you wouldn’t mind seeing yourself with Sora Aoi, or you don’t want to be seen with her? If so, why? I also find it pretty odd that you would compare yourself with her in this way.

    Since you’re asking, I’d probably have a marginal preference for Sora (I just like big tits), but I’m not really crazy about her anyway. My favourite Japanese AV idol is still Jun Kusanagi, simply because her body is just so fantastic and unique.

  7. Ah, ok. Thanks for being honest. Lol, I get some really weird groupies form time to time that jsut want to flatter me. I aprecciate it, and I mean I would not mind being together with Sora. Even I have to admit she’s hot. That would make a lot of money, too, considering how popular the two of us are. Oh, do you live in Kyoto, Haneiko, or Tokyo? I’ve got some work options there. I might turn them down, though. Cheep crap, mostly. I’m still waiting for a big company to ask me for hire. Anyway, I do try to make my work real, which is why I don’t like performances with those who do not arouse me. Odd, though, that I am still as tight as I as at 17, and it is dificult sometimes to find someone who can pleasure me enough even when I have a hard time with 2 and a half inches wide…or if I am tired, it will sometimes throw me.

  8. Actually, I live in Australia. Thanks for taking my honest reponse in the spirit in which it was intended! 😉

    And I agree, your English is very good for a native Japanese speaker! 😉

  9. Excuse me? Texas? Unless my friend who set this profile up for me is pulling some sort of joke, I am not in that dustbowl Texas.

  10. If you are doing it from where I am logging in from, you might want to make sure of that.

  11. If there’s any more Japanese models with perfect English reading Asian Sirens, please join. I’d love to chat with you too! Especially if you’re on holidays overseas. 😉

  12. Oh, isn’t tracking an I.P. address, if that is how you are doing it, illegal anyway without consent or warrant. You have neither. Texas….ew.

  13. Please read the disclaimer on the bottem of this page Kaede. All IP-numbers will be registrated.

    It’s partly to keep spammers out but sometimes it’s handy to unmask an old Texan cowboy who is saying that he is a beautiful model 😉

  14. Actually Marco, that should be ‘registered’. And did you have to scare Kaede off so quickly? I was just getting started! 😉

  15. Aren’t I.P. addresses computer numbers? And I am far from some old cowboy. If this damned comp didn’t black out, I could have responded sooner. And, if the comp was from Texas, could that throw the thing off?

  16. Once again, I am not a cowboy, and not in Texas. So, Marco, please…back the hell off. An I.P. address is nothing more than a string of numbers. Data. Not hard proof of anything at all. Numbers. Small little numbers for some creep behind a damned desk.

  17. I used to teach English in Japan and in fact only 5-10% of students I taught at three different middle schools in Japan could or would ever go on to speak English with any sort of fluency. I severely doubt that this is actually Kaede. I’ve met a couple JAV stars when I lived over there and they would never, never ever waste their time on any of their porn-related activities unless compensated for it, like disc signings at porn stores. The number one JAV star in Japan wasting her time on this rinky-dink site? C’mon guys!

  18. I know I was pretty subtle, but I would have thought Marco’s messages would have made it very clear we knew this wasn’t Kaede.

    Rinky-dink site? 😉

  19. As far as I know, japanese can not talk in english as good as this one. I agree with you Doc and Marco, this is BS only.

  20. I’d not seen this thread til now. I spotted it as a fake at first reading. My highly intelligent well-written GF attended an elite Japanese college that is well-known for its high standards of English instruction & achievement, and she writes very well. But no way could she write with such smooth proficiency, colloquial usage, and of-the-moment syntax. So a top JAV star writing like that and understanding the intricacies of a US search warrant? Not in a million years. I don’t need “her” IP address to figure it out!

    The real Kaede would be lucky to write at the level of these Engrish parodies

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