Ex pornstar Tabatha Cash; half Asian or half African?

Tabatha Cash

Tabatha Cash is IMHO one of the most erotic women ever to enter the Adult Industry. I thought she was half Japanese so I figured I could post her on Asian-Sirens. But according to Wikipedia, “she falsely claimed to be half-Japanese, half-Italian to create an exotic appeal – she is half-French, half-African. In fact, her biographical remarks are surrounded with falsifications. She also claimed to have studied law at University of Paris II: PanthΓ©on-Assas, another assertion she could never confirm.” Well, whatever the truth may be, I think she looks very exotic.

I only saw her in the mid 90’s in two Ed Powers productions (The Dirty Debutantes series), and immediately thought she looked very special and never forgot her name. She is believed to have starred in about 150 hardcore films, mostly in Europe where she had some fame. She grew up in Paris and entered the porn industry when she was only seventeen years old (she faked her way into the industry), a career that lasted only four years. “I called myself Cash because I always needed it. I love money. I spent it on flats and other good stuff.”Her career boomed in May 1993 when she won an award at the Hot D’Or, porn’s version of the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, for the movie “RΓͺves De Cuir 2” (“Leather Dreams 2”). During 1994 she hosted a highly rated radio show on the French station Skyrock where she gave sexual advice and quick instructions to insecure French youths.

After leaving the industry she was highly critical of it, claiming that working in porn was just the same as being a prostitute only with a camera present. “I was a prostitute. I sold my ass.” and further “I only had fake orgasms [on camera], I’m a good actress. The guys who work in that business are so ugly and so stupid they are victims because they don’t have anywhere else to make money. The men are all stupid and the women are all horrible.”

What Tabatha Cash has done since she retired from the public is not known, but according to herself she was “not made for work”. At the time she wanted at least three or four children and to stay at home and be a mother…

Read the full bio at Tabatha-Cash.com. You can read parts of various interviews with her there also. She speaks about her youth and early involvement in the Adult Industry. The three interviews in full, and some more, seem to have vanished.

Some Facts:

Born: 27-12-1973
Birth name: Celine Barbe
Birthplace: Paris, France
Height: 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Measurements: 38-23-33 / 97-57-84
Weight: 22.7 lbs / 50 kg
Tattoos: Rose on right breast

Shooting Tabatha Cash Best photo’s to be found! Too bad Vol.3 & 4 seem to be gone…
Tabatha-Cash.com semi-official site
Tabatha Cash @ IMDB.com Yes, she starred also in a mainstream movie about the Paris suburbs titled “Rai”
Tabatha Cash @ NNDB.com
Same bio as mentioned above, but different site
Tabatha Cash bio @ Wikipedia
Google image search
And last but not least: some hardcore porn pics!

Tabatha Cash

Tabatha Cash

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  1. Yeah, I’ve always been a big fan of Tabatha, but was dubiuous of her claim to be Japanese too. Whatever she is though, she’s damn hot! πŸ˜‰

  2. Great article Robin, compliments!

    We did some research on Tabatha many years ago and you still can find the story online at Huck’s site: Tabatha Cash @ The FAB.

    Huck was an expert in Tabatha, I was more interested in Solange at that time πŸ˜‰

  3. awesome intro – I’ve seen her before but never knew her name…wow African/Asian mix – that is pretty exotic to me!

  4. It seems a bit strange to me why she would make Italian/Japanese up, to create a ‘more exotic appeal’! Being French/African is allready quite exotic. I just don’t see the point…

  5. being french-african in france isn’t that exotic in france. it’s like being mexican-american in the states… africans are everywhere in france and spain; makes for a great mix, imo! πŸ™‚

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