Julie Lan by Roley Chiu

Julie Lan - Photo by Roley Chiu

We have written about Roley Chiu before, and we will write about him again. I really love his work. He has some gorgeous models in his portfolio and this one is from his latest set.Roley says about the photo above:

“Here’s Julie’s white lingerie set that i never got around to posting. I tried to include more ass in this series because I realized that my work didnt’ have that much booty in it. But the work has to seduce without being too upfront about it. Robert Greene (The Art of Seduction) suggests that seduction relies on the dynamic of hope and despair. The trap is set when we are lulled by the hint ass but never truly receive it.”

Julie Lan - Photo by Roley Chiu

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  1. Roley’s stuff is almost the antithesis of the naturalistic style I normally prefer, but he does it so well that I really like it anyway! It must take him an awful long time to get each shot.

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