2007 Asian Angels calendar

For those who can’t wait: check out this 2007 Asian Angels Calendar preview. Or visit their site (that looks like it needs some design and user interface updates) and check out the models.

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  1. It’s the truth. And everyone must know about him.

    Moderator’s Note: Whether true or not, strong accusations require strong evidence. Until such time as modelonlookout can provide such evidence, I have decided to close their original comment for now. If modelonlookout can provide good evidence to back up their claim, I will consider re-opening their comment.

  2. Then why didn’t you just ask for evidence? I have a file of the ” to be 2007 Asian Angels back cover Calendar” was sent to me via another model via Zev Manor himself confirming the Calendar was meant to have Toni Leigh for Cover, and 6 models that are not in the calendar now. Other than that you can check the Cailfornia Police station for under his name for Sexual harassment records in the past year.

    Then get back to me.

  3. The record I know of was from a Model, November 2005. The charges were dropped after an agreement Zev made with model to still have in his Calendar.

    Beverly Hills/area police Station.

    I actually believed most knew about this industry already. This is a common situation for a model. There’s no more evidence I can give out without embarassing and humiliating reputable names, I’m sorry.

  4. This is interesting, but it doesn’t necessarily prove anything – there are often production changes with this sort of thing. On the other hand, this is one of the biggest production changes I’ve seen, which does look suspicious.

    There must be some other postings on this issue around the net, if what you claim is as widespread as you say – please point us to them. This is certainly getting quite interesting at least!

    BTW, of the models who ended up in the calendar, the only one who is really to my taste is Alice Bradley.

  5. Suspicious of course, believe what you like.

    Postings about this matter have been quiet and will stay confidential.

    Alice Bradley was considered not good enough buy Zev as I was told but some how she managed her way in the Calendar at the last minute. Does anyone wonder why the same models are always repeated when there are so many more beautiful girls out there? and it’s not popularity.

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