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What else can I say? You know the drill! Just go and enjoy all the goodies there! (after you are done here of course ;-))

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  1. Me like Yu! 😛

    I actually don’t mind the Asian bush all that much (on some models, like Yu) but, yeah, grooming (Teanna Kai style!) would be appreciated on some girls. 🙂

    Is the “natural” look a cultural thing in Asia? Just like the “bare” look is here in North America? Or does it have to do more with what the respective porn industries produce?

  2. Back in the day,I knew quite a few women from Japan and Korea,and not one of them shaved under her arms,let alone trim her bush (and these were college girls,too). Hair on women does not turn me off.Quite the contrary…

  3. OH HELL NO.

    If I dated this chick, I’m breaking out my electric razor and cutting her down. Maybe even my craftsman weed wacker.
    I simply cannot go down on a chick unless she is fresh shaved and fresh out the shower.
    I dont mind a LITTLE strip of hair but, this is intolerable.

  4. That Bush looks like the head of a negro – I personally shave my head hair down to 1/10th of an inch and my pubes down to near baldness so I can be more accepted by the ladies.

  5. LOL!!!! Krazy4Kobe,

    Funniest comment I think I’ve ever read on the internet!!!! That Tarzan line was some funny shit man!!!

  6. yeah; bloodtypes are a big thing in japan. everybody knows theirs and if you don’t know yours they’re always shocked.

    as for the hair issue: japanese girls (for the most part; i have met a couple who do) just really don’t shave down there very much, even though they are for the most part very fastidious in other aspects of personal grooming and cleanliness. i don’t know why; it’s just a cultural thing, like the teeth thing that i mentioned before….

    but when talking about photos, bear in mind that showing genitals in photos or video is still illegal in japan, which means that if a girl did shave down there they wouldn’t be able to show that region at all. if she does have hair there, then she is photographable because the hair obscures the genitals. make sense?

  7. can we say negro? :)… is funny that our president’s last name is Bush..and nobody likes him either…:)..hehe

  8. i think “black” or “african” are much better. “negro” is pretty out-of-date, although not necessarily derogatory. anyhow, enough about this stuff! 🙂

  9. I believe that one of the reasons they don’t shave the pubes is because if the genitalia is visible that it will be censored so basically you have a choice between hair or mosaic.

  10. as a Black man, I perfer “negro” to “some Black guy” – maybe its because I’m more scientific than social.

    I woulda used “negroid” but most people wouldn’t have known what I was talking about.

  11. Oh, come now, CLM…we aren’t all dummies all the time….just when looking at boobies!

    As for Asian nether regions…here’s a question to do with crotch censorship: if pornographic material, featuring full-on crotch shots (including penetration) is made for export only, will the gov’t still censor it the same as if were being sold locally?

  12. as an asian man i hate the word Orientals…asian is prefered….sometime i even hear asian people refer to themselves as orientals…is it just me or do others find “oriental” to be offensive too?….just a thought…i prefer using “african american”…but i heard saying a “black man” or a “black woman” is not offensive either….what do we call white folks? :))
    KOBE…i agreed with ya..nice and perky…i really, really miss Tokyo ; )

  13. I’m trying to search for more stuff on Yu Satome. She is a hottie. I would go to town on that bush. If anyone finds more pics of her, let me know.

  14. Well as a “white guy” I would have to say we prefer being refered to as Cracker or even Cracker-American (if you’re from America of course). Thanks for asking though Lawboy!

  15. Okay lawboy, this is something I’ve always wanted to know: why are Asian Americans so hung up about being called orientals? Asians in the rest of the world don’t have a problem with it. Quite frankly, I really wish I could use the word, as it is actually a far more accurate description of what we feature on Asian Sirens than ‘Asian’ (which technically also includes the Indian subcontinent and most of Russia).

  16. When I talk to people using race terms such as “white”, “black”, “etc, I just say it as clearly and calmly as possible and wait for them to flich – judging their reaction.

    My problem with “asian” and “oriental” is that “Asian” covers too many countries: India, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

    “Oriental” automatically conjures images in my mind of a person who is Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

  17. CLM…it use to be ok to use that but i think it is more PC now to use asian to cover all Mongoloid race…. “Oriental” to me tends to conjure up a descriptive for a Rug or something…:)

    so Asian is probably more palletable

    DArklighter..LMAO…:)…i didnt want to say that…it is funny…actually the closers my friends are the more we joke about these racist names…i would never use it as a racial name calling…but that was funny:)

    Good Doctor….i am not sure the reason why this is so…I would guess the same reason why african american feel uneasy about the N word… are not the only one that is unsure about this..i have known asian who refers to themselves as orientals….it is not as harsh as the N word but still leave a bad taste…so Asian Sirens is PC ! 🙂

    lets just say “Oriental” is not a good thing to refer to an asian person…either say Asian or specifically their country of origin….Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese..etc…

    it is just like central american people living in the US dont like to be refer generally as Mexican or “wetbacks”…they are come from different countries.

    actuall there are some Filipinos..on this do they feel about what generic names to be refer to…?….i am currious my self…

  18. To be honest, I feel the objection to ‘oriental’ is political correctness out of control – we really need this term, as it is precise and technically accurate.

  19. I guess the biggest thing is not so much the descriptive term, but the person using it.

    I don’t think anything of a Black person using the word “negro”. However, when a White person uses it, it raises a flag of sorts…

    When I learned Chinese, I was taught that Chinese refer to Asian born Americans (so called ABC’s) as HUA CAO which means “oversees Chinese”. I’m not sure how a Chinese person feels if another Chinese person uses the term but I don’t use it when I speak Chinese and mention a friend.

    There are alot of doouble standards when it comes to descriptive terms.

    But my question still remains, how do you describe an Asian person who is obviously far east Asian without saying “Oriental” – while using a single word?

  20. i say “asian” or “east asian” for east asians and “south asian” for indian, sri lankan, pakistani etc. but i always try to specify the country if i can.

    i think that the bests rule of thumb is to use the word that you are most confident will not offend anyone. that’s how i was raised (in the US) anyway…

  21. i am so impressed that CLM can speak chinese..hard language and for a westerner to master is pretty good….i am always amazed to see a caucasian speaks vietnamese…it seems so weird to hear vietnamese coming out of a westerner’s mouth…especially when they can speak really well…

    Doc…”oriental” not PC…can you imagine?

    “Oriental Sirens”…doesnt sound right….right?….any other asians want to chime in on this Oriental thing?…:)

  22. As some one who can speak a little Vietnamese myself, I can confirm it is extremely difficult for a westerner. Differences of inflection that are hardly audible to us can completely change the meaning of a word. For example, the girl’s name Ngoc sounds the same to western ears as their word for stupid – the only difference is the inflection! Also, we are used to ending sentences with a rising inflection, but if you do that in Vietnamese, you will change the meaning! Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) are easier to speak, but Vietnamese is easier to write.

  23. I dated a Vietnamese girl for a couple years (sigh…) and tried to learn some of the language — true what Dr. says.

    My current g/f is half-Chinese and even she hates the word ‘Oriental’! But I tell her that it refers to a specific rather than a general (ie Chinese). She still doesn’t like it.

    Some interesting reading on Wiki:

  24. I think this article clearly demonstrates that Asian Americans’ objection to the term is without foundation, and that it has no satisfactory synonym.

  25. The way it was explained to me by an old girlfriend (well actually she was much younger than me but when I say “old” I mean…oh never mind) was that objects from Asia such as food, rugs, lamps, etc. are alright to be refered to as oriental but people are ALWAYS refered to as Asians.

    On another matter Newworks what’s going on with the Coup? Has anything violent happened or is everyone alright?

  26. What a load of BS. Goods from Australia are referred to as Australian – that doesn’t mean I’m offended to be called Australian! The same goes for every other country in the world. And hell, goods from Asia are called Asian goods too – what about your Asian grocery store? So by that logic, they should also be offended to be called Asian, Chinese or whatever. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  27. I really don’t think it is the asian community in the United States that had much of a problem with the term at all. It has pushed by the civil rights groups that wanted to broaden their base so they sucked in some asian students that didn’t know any better.

    It’s the same reason we have to call a black man who lives in England an “African American”. It’s an incorrect use of the term but it is becoming the norm.

    Some people just have too much time on their hands.

  28. Yeah I have an English friend who prefers being called African English..because she’s from England but is black as well…umm that’s just a little over-explaining for the slow.

  29. I prefer the term “Human”.

    Actually…..on second thought the terminology I find most PC and pleasing right now is, “Hi! I’m Yu Saotome, your birthday present!” 🙂

  30. Pish tosh! Human! How pedantic…We must have lables!! But “Hi! I’m Yu Saotome, your birthday present DARKLIGHTER!”, would be nice!

  31. very true kaine – some of the participants of muslim riots in france, were immigrants from west africa, who somehow got sucked into that mess. i fell off the sofa, when CNN referred to them as “french african-americans”. they just couldn’t bring themselves to use word “african”, as if that was a pejorative.

    wacky PC is out of control. some koreans in US insist on being referred to as “coreans”. allegedly, after 1905 japanese changed “c” to “k”, so korea would appear behind japan, in encyclopedias & on lists of nations.

  32. Kobe:….ha ha…what a birthday present that would be!

    Doc: i amazed that you speak a little are right a little inflection in the word Ngoc and you can call a person stupid instead of their name….:)…my assistant’s name is Ngoc and she changed it to Maggie…her viet friends still call her Ngoc but to American she is known as Maggie…

    I know it is a little picky about this but like i said…a lot of Asian at least the Asian American prefer to be call Asian and not Orientals……i think it liken to a term “Chinaman”….how many chinese would think it is offensive even though it does correctly identify a Chinese male…but the term has a negative conotation (sic.) just take my words on this guys…Oriental is not a good thing to call an Asian person…I think it is very much similar to an Irish being called a Mick? or an Italian a Degal?….sorry for the spelling…or a Japanese to be call “A Jap”…not very good terms for these groups….if you start calling us Orientals i am going to call all you Ausie “the shrimps on the barbie” people :))…i think we can take this with a grain of salt…i like the white dude’s attitude about referring to himself as a “cracker american”…..that is funny

    I guess unless you are part of the minority group, you really cannot empathized how they feel about certain references….

    thanks doc for keeping the name Asian Sirens…if you change it to Orienal Sirens..i am leaving:)….

    what do other asian on this Board think about being call Orienals?

  33. ………freakin’……….DIZZY!!!!

    It’s all starting to read like Charlie Brown’s teacher! GAH!

  34. Hi lawboy. All the deregatory terms you cite are made-up for that purpose. Oriental was NOT made up for that purpose, and as far as I’m aware was never systematically used in a derogatory way. I really think Asian Americans need to get over this!

  35. sorry guys. my writing is very bad since i dont write regularly in conversational. I guess my office usually correct all my writings before they go out. 🙂

    Doc: we all can have our opinion and as an an Asian American I was just trying to present my demographic’s point of view concerning this term. It is not a big deal at all for you to use this term in your writing and your conversation. But if i am in a position to make others more comfortable and less offended by how I refered to them, I would go out of my way to do so. I think for example a lot of Taiwanese who is technically Chinese do not want to be called Chinese. Every country or ethnic groups may have certain reservations about how they are identified. As you can see from the Winkie article, this term, “Orientals” is not very well received and to some Asian American, it is liken to the N word.

    Out of respect for people and their heritage, I myself would reserve using terms that would make others uncomfortable. But I could be too PC.

    I was uncomfortable when CLM use the term Negroid even though it is an acceptable scientific identification. But I digress…:)

    lets get back to Boobs and Legs shall we? 🙂 I really enjoy this site…amazing women

  36. Actually, Taiwanese are indeed Taiwanese – it is simply more specific than Chinese. Saying it is technically incorrect to call them Taiwanese is like saying it is technically incorrect to call someone from Hawaii Hawaian! Anyway, I guess I’ve made my point.

  37. As another ABC, actually CBC (Canadian Born Chinese) I’m amazed by something else….how you North Americans are averse to the amount of pubic hair on Japanese women! I live in Japan myself, and while I have actually rarely come across the Kuromori (Black Forest) in the women I have dated so I also am wondering where the fetish came from in terms of the pictures. However, the repulsion generated by it is equally compelling! Is it really that offsetting to all of you???

    Most women I know here shave to a bikini line (as most now wear g-strings), and four years ago, a style called the Beckham, named after David Beckham’s mohawk style was popular for pubic trimming.

    Anyways, for the best take on the above rants and for opinions of progressive Asian-Americans (and like people), I tend to turn to

  38. BTW, I normally try to respect ‘PC’ terminology as much as possible (no point in offending people unnecessarily), but in the absence of a satisfactory synonym for oriental (and no good reason for it not to be ‘PC’), I really wish Asian Americans would either get over it or come up with a satisfactory replacement.

  39. A while back I knew this hot Taiwanese girl (until she married some crazy drug dealer dude just so he could get into the country)…anyway…she considered herself completely Taiwanese — not at all Chinese and didn’t want to be called Chinese. I called her hot. 🙂

    As for all this PC nonsense….COME ON! Look where you are! On a website that perhaps HALF the world would consider greatly un-PC! So go easy on yourselves, boys, and enjoy the scenery. 🙂

  40. darklighter…can i call you “Cracker American?”….:))..ha ha..j/k

    kobe..i guess you are right…how unPC is it for us to Gawk at these beauties…:)…love it…sure miss tokyo:)

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