Jerry Polence, Filipina Cosplay Idol

Jerry Polence as Shiva

I cosplay mainly because it is fun. It is a very interesting hobby that promotes creativity and craftsmanship while also building character. Multiawarded Filipina cosplay idol Jerry Polence (her stage name) has been wowing audiences since 2003. She is also founder and administrator of, and the chief proponent for Philippine representation at the World Cosplay Summit. Here are just some of her winning costumes.
Jerry Polence as a Priestess
Jerry Polence as a Priestess

Jerry Polence as a Necromancer
Jerry Polence as a Necromancer

Jerry Polence as Chii
Jerry Polence as Chii

Jerry Polence as Kerrigan
Jerry Polence as Sarah Kerrigan

Jerry Polence as Utena
Jerry Polence as Utena Tenjou

Jerry Polence as Erinnus
Jerry Polence as Erinnus

She makes costumes for cosplayers worldwide, too.

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  1. um…does ANYONE find this stuff to be erotic, sexy, or a turn-on? I know they are girls and all but come on! Nerds unite! 🙂

  2. Don’t get me wrong Mike, you are very welcome to post this stuff – it just doesn’t turn me on. I guess the subtext of K4K’s statement is: what exactly is the appeal of it?

  3. I always thought Cosplay was when Japanese business men took a call girl to the love motel and she dressed up like “Little Bo-Peep”!?

  4. Mikey — yeah I did say that…but only if she wore her schoolgirl or catgirl outfit! 😛 Anything more “cosplay” than that just doesn’t spell sexy.

  5. I’m not looking to be impressed 😉 ha!

    And that’s ok with me — just means more school-&-cat girls for me!

  6. Cosplay is a world wide hobby. It doesnt get much mainstream media attention but do trust that millions upon millions (ok maybe not that may) of people yearly participate in cosplay.

    Cosplay is mostly done out of enjoyment and celebration of the character portrayed. Even the most tacky of cosplay costumes could have taken hours to craft.

    Respect the craft for their dedication if nothing else.

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