This is Joyce from a website known as Wicked Weasel or Microminimus. As far as I know there is nothing else on her, including an age or ethnicity or last name. There are several photos in this series though.




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  1. I like Joyce, she has a nice arse…..Filipina?

    Links don’t work. Must be a glitch in the Matrix or my computer has become self-aware again.

  2. Thank you Glenn. Natural is right, I appreciate the fact that these photos seem to be exactly what she’d look like in person — not flawless. And I certainly wouldn’t mind meeting her in person.

    My money’s on Filipina.

  3. Thanks, guys, for the extra bonus links.

    Pooney, you’re right -She’s Chinese and she is beautiful! Naturally gorgeous, beautiful natural body. Lovely find!

    She wears the tiniest underwear i’ve ever seen.

  4. Luke, I am doubting the authenticity of “her” facebook page. The comments seem too over the top but no pictures out on the internets to back up her “activities”.

    So I will stick with my guess that she is Filipina and that she is NOT the porn queen alluded to in “her” FB page.

  5. @French (and others saying she is Filipina): I doubt very much that she is Filipina (unless she’s mixed) – her facial features are too sharp. Chinese with an Aussie suntan actually makes sense to me, although I’ll reserve judgement on the authenticity of the Facebook page until I have time to take a good look at it.

  6. Her Model Mayhem page (which is excellent but unfortunately requires a login) says she is Japanese living in France (with an entirely different Facebook page). Japanese with a tan is certainly possible too. My best guess is that she actually did go to Australia and that these beach photos were taken there, but she actually does live in France (she has a lot of French photographer credits on her MM page). So the FB page above is likely fake.

  7. Oh, I don’t know if she’s Chinese or Japanese – she looks more Chinese to me, but Japanese is certainly possible. My best guess is that she actually is Chinese from HK, but wants to cover up her past, so has adopted a Japanese identity in France. One thing I can say about her for sure though: she has sensational abs, and a great body overall. I see no clear evidence of any surgical help either.

  8. I’ve come back about 4 times to see Joyce and I love her body, I love how comfortable she looks and how flat her abs are!

  9. Are you talking from experience Kroos? I think days 3&4 will be a bit uncomfortable but I’d like to see those photos.

  10. Yeah no worries Luke, I’ll take a few photos tonight. You’ll see some pretty cool skid marks (it’s mango season in QLD)…..

  11. Cute real world girl, meaning she looks more like a regular girl than a model. In a good way, I might add.

  12. Chinese, Japanese, Philipina?….doesn’t matter to me. She’s just so hot and naked. Seems to be very happy about it too.

  13. Yeah, she doesn’t look like from a filipina, judging from her face. Her body could be, though.
    She’s a hottie, wherever she comes from, and she looks happy in the pics, thats a bonus.

  14. It seems Joyce is trying to take everything down – we got a DMCA complaint too, and the article gallery links aren’t working either!

  15. What is DMCA? Pardon my ignorance. I hope it all works out for her. Everyone has a couple of skeletons in the closet.

  16. I don’t really see the point in removing the A-S pictures when they’re already all over the internet for our viewing pleasure.

  17. Joyce is really a Japanese, and was living in France… unfortunatelly her new residence isn’t that friendly as France was…

  18. I agree she actually spent some time in France. In the Joyce Chen Facebook page there was pictures taken in one of the Marseille beach, France (I’ve been there so many time …). BTW, I believe all the pictures in the FB page were coming from the Wicked Weasel web site. I seriously doubt this page was genuine.

  19. Nay … the Joyce Chen FaceBook was not real … A pure fake. All pictures were stolen from WW. A very crook but funny fake. I wish I did it. It must have been fun 🙂

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