Free Magazine Featuring Lots of Asian Girls


Given that there haven’t been any new issues since 2011, it would seem that Slitz magazine is sadly now defunct. But they do still have all 12 of their back issues available for download, and each contains lots of photos of hot semi-naked Asian girls, some famous and some less so. So what’s not to like?

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0 thoughts on “Free Magazine Featuring Lots of Asian Girls”

  1. I just saw the download, I thought it was going to be exclusively Asian. Maybe they mean Slitz as in vagina’s.

  2. I can see why it failed. Not that I have anything against beautiful women but with that title it comes across as a douchey Maxim.

  3. I’ve noticed comments disappearing here before, but they usually reappear when somebody posts another comment. Oh well, we’ll soon be moving on from this buggy old CMS.

    I do agree the title of this magazine is most unfortunate. I was hoping it referred to some modern slang term I wasn’t aware of rather than the obvious, but I guess not.

  4. Google Chrome works fine Luke;-)
    unlike bloody ‘youknowwhattube’ πŸ™

    So, you found 12 to d/l Doc? I only found 10 but “beggars can’t be choosers” I guess.
    Have yet to unzip..ooh that sounds naughty! – to peruse the contents.

    And I suppose the only title worse than this one would be C***Z!!!

  5. The last two issues do require going through some hoops on to get – the other ten are easy to download from the bottom half of the page.

  6. I dunno. Which would be more offensive, β€œSLITZ” or β€˜SLUTZ”????

    I agree with Longtack however that C***Z would be a terrible magazine title. I can just imagine the photo of Tony Abbot on the front page……

  7. Thanks for the tip, Doc. The download’s working for those issues.

    It’s okay to look at slitz but not say it? j/k

  8. I thought they were going the racial angle with the title.
    I would probably subscribe to C***Z (not if it had Tony Abbot on the cover).
    @Longtack I’ll let the Chairman know what you’re using google for. Sure to be some sort of violation πŸ˜‰

  9. How did I miss this magazine, I would have totally subsribed. All my favorite women under one cover. This made me very happy today.

    btw, Finding a semi porn magazine name vulgar is kind of funny if you think about it.

  10. Strange. The magazine started out great, lots of hot asian girls and then ended up the final two issues with decidedly not hot non asian models. The first ten issues were great though. Thanks for posting, I need to search for more of these magazines.

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