Jocelyn Caballero

Jocelyn Caballero

Jocelyn Caballero (May 13, 1979) is a cute little Canadian who was featured in several special editions of Playboy as well as on the cover of “Flesh” magazine. She also holds many bikini titles in Winnipeg, Canada. There is not much info on Jocelyn but you can find some tidbits and pictures at, and One of her Playboy pictorials can be found at

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  1. I don’t like the red highlights, but apart from that a fabulous and very exotic looking girl (Filipina/Spanish/Chinese, what a combination!). She has a sensational stomach too (says Asian Sirens’ resident stomach fetishist!).

    And good to see you posting regularly again Marco – hopefully you can keep ’em coming until I have time to post again next month. 😉

  2. such highlights were popular a few years ago, so probably those aren’t recent pix.

    Would this girl pass Doc’s test? (that tat has to be scratched off, by the way. whatever it takes), Filipina/Hawaiian/polynesian? her website is still incomplete…—Beach.html

  3. Not really my taste I’m afraid. I don’t want to offend anyone by using that ‘p’ word, but you know what I mean (I’m still looking for an alternative word that won’t offend anyone).

  4. Btw, can someone tell me who did the photoshoot of Jocelyn Caballero for Playboy? Could be Kim Mizuno but I haven’t heard from him in months…

  5. So that’s who this babe is! I’ve been wondering ever since I saw her so long ago.

    Obvious fakers but a nice tight package overall (very Kobe-ish!). She would be amazing in harcore 😛 And she’s Canadian! Score another one for the red, white and…well, just red and white.


  6. Primitive. At least one of our readers was offended by me describing models’ appearance in this way, but I still don’t know of a non-offensive synonym. Do you?

  7. primitive? maybe too ethnic? i think of primitive like a cavewoman or something. i prefer a look that is somewhat a little less ethnic…no offense to anyone here but you guys know the bar girl look either thailand or phillipine?..too ethnicky for me. exotic is different but i can see how doc could see this girl as being too ethnic 🙂

  8. yikes, i just saw the vietnamese body builder…not my taste at all…looks like she can kick my ass and make me beg for more:)

  9. I think calling some one ‘too ethnic’ carries racist conotations, although obviously many people view ‘primitive’ that way too. Still looking for a good synonym…

  10. Doc — it’s still vague. What do you find “P-word” about this model? Skin? Face? Cookie-cutter-ness? Perhaps that would help us define the word you seek.

    Is there a perfect female to you Dr.? If so, please post her!

  11. Maybe by the P word you mean something like having some Native looks? Pure filipina?

    Well there are all sorts of tastes. Some like mixed, some don’t. She’s mixed but she still have strong philippines traits, that’s for sure.

  12. I know what my P-word is….and it ends with ‘ussy’! 🙂 Jocelyn’s p-word is definitely to my lickin…um…liking! 😛

  13. An extreme example of what I mean by ‘primitive’ (too much for my taste) is Aluna – Adam used the word ‘tribal’, which I don’t think is any better! Basically, it means exactly what it says: the sort of features we associate with this word (dark skin, edgy and prominent features etc.). It isn’t necessarily a bad thing (and can be very sexy on the right girl), but it is quite distinct from the soft, delicate features and white skin of true orientals.

  14. if we are going to talk about “tribal” or primitive or for me ethnic…i think the best example of what i would consider acceptable is Tiara…she has both the ethnic look…dark skin, large eyes, and full lips…very tribal like Adam says…reminds me of girls from an exotic island somewhere. but some are a tad too much, but given Adam’s talent he can bring out the best of the their features… Tiara:)

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