Jeong Da Yeon (정다연)


Jeong Da Yeon is a Korean fitness model and instructor. She kind of blends in with most young models these days, but her body is still above average even for a 20 year old….

…what’s that? She’s a 45 year old mother of 3?

Well don’t I feel foolish.Stats:

Age 45
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Korean
Located Korea







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0 thoughts on “Jeong Da Yeon (정다연)”

  1. She does look like a MILF to me, but damn, is she fit! Kind of scarily so to tell you the truth, especially knowing how fiery Korean women can be. 🙂

  2. C’mon Travis. 45? You’ve got to be kidding. These Asian fitness models are starting to grow on me. She’s phenomenal.

    Doc. don’t be a wuss. Aren’t all of you Aussie men just like Crocodile Dundee?

  3. Wow. Her maturity really comes out in her eyes, but wow her body is amazing if she’s really 45. I can really appreciate a woman who takes care of her body, as I do my own.

  4. I really wish this is what more women would aspire to. Fitness is the fountain of youth, and this woman has taken full advantage. She is so milfy.

  5. I’m not amazed by her age. It’s quite common to see Chinese women of comparable age with similar looks and figures. She looks great!
    I didn’t get what Travis was on about until I saw the pics after the first one. She looks 25 in the first pic.

  6. You see. A woman. A sexy woman. A damn sexy WOMAN. Looks like a woman in the peak of health. Not a child. Don’t like the young ones nearly as much.

  7. Ooooooh Weee!…this woman is absolutely perfect. Like some sort of female soldier ready to beat the crap out of someone.

  8. If that’s her son in the galleries, it looks like he needs to work out with Mom! Course, in all honesty, so do I:-)

  9. Not the prettiest ever and I’m not really into sculpted women but honestly she’s ridiculously hot for any age, and unbelievably so for mid forties. Just about the perfect amount of tone. Good to see an asian woman who doesn’t hit the proverbial wall so soon.

  10. I’d be smirking too!! I’m not sure if I’d let her out in public, though….

    Would looooooooooooooove to see her nude, sigh.

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