Jennie Reid – IGN Feature


Personally, I haven’t seen Jennie in any new content since writing about her last January, which is a shame because to me, Jennie is the sexiest Asian model to pose for Playboy that I’ve seen. So it’s good to see that IGN has posted a new photo shoot with Jennie for their Babeology series. What better time than now to get reacquainted with this amazing beauty.








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0 thoughts on “Jennie Reid – IGN Feature”

  1. She’s hot enough…but the next time she goes for a tatt…somebody send her to me for a serious spanking session.

  2. Note on previous comment. To see the good ones (nude) have to set family filter to off (meaning you have to have an account).

  3. Swimming upstream here. Sorry C-man, I’ve got Kay Sivilay as my PB fave. And Doc, take a look at the daily motion vid – aren’t those scars just below the nipples? Or do I need to look more closely?

  4. I’ve always thought she was gorgeous. I would have preferred that she hadn’t altered her tattoo on her stomach to something so large, but I could live with it and the other tats for a girl like her.

  5. honestly i think she is alright, great boobs but a little thick for my taste. I like the real asians who are nice and thin. She is probably born in the states.

  6. I also find her so healthy. Just needs a bit more toning and she’ll be perfect.
    What am I saying… she’s awesome as she is! Sometimes we get too demanding. The tats are bad, but I could overlook that too.

  7. Oldie but goodie, and I don’t mean old in years but she’s been around for a while and she always looks good.

  8. Doc – there’s a Playboy Beach Party vid on Daily Motion of her. Maybe it’s the light or just natural coloration, but looked like something to me.

  9. Ah yes, they are surgical scars from an areola incision. I don’t think they’re too bad at all though, and overall, I think her boob job looks superb.

  10. perfect boob job?
    guys, they’re like hard balloons!
    might look porn-star-sexy under the photo lights, but not fun to play with…

  11. She should have gone for 50% of the implants imo. Otherwise a classic beauty and great for theme modeling. Cosplay anyone?

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