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Jenny Catherine @ presents a fresh face, Eurasian beauty Jenny Catherine from Simi Valley, California. Could not find a lot on the web, so check her interview out at ModFX. (Photogalleries members only…)

Thank God she has a MySpace also! Some nice photo’s there.Some facts:

Name: Jenny Catherine
Ethnicity: Eurasian. Chinese, Vietnamese and Caucasian to be exact.
Location: Simi Valley, California
Stats: 33-24-36
Height: 5’1
Weight: 100

Jenny Catherine @

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  1. S’alright I guess. Not sure how out-of-date the whole blonde asian look is. Doesn’t really do it for me any more — looks cheap and trashy. G/f did the blonde highlights about 5 years ago, fun for a while (reminded me of Kianna Tai or one of those blondies).

  2. I knew I couldn’t get on here fast enough for someone to say how much they dislike blond on Asians! Damn! I don’t care what color her hair is, she is gorgeous! Thanks for the post Robin!

  3. The fact that I personally am not into very big boobs doesn’t mean I can’t feature a girl with big tits, does it? We have to give the public what they want! πŸ˜‰

  4. According to her myspace page she is from my old high school. I dont remember any girls like this when I was there. Of course she wasnt born when I was there but thats another story. I think she is more on the average side for looks rather than special. I would expect to see her riding along in a hopped up Honda or Acura through my neighborhood. I would look but not too long.

  5. Too blonde. She’s got a nice ass though. I wish I had a hopped up Acura. My rusty but trusty ’92 Toyota has served me well, but I can still dream about an Acura.

  6. Worse than the blonde Asian is the Shakira dye-job.

    It’s sad for to think how much she probably spent at a salon for this….

    I think this is a case of her being “hot” mostly becuase she’s taking her clothes off…

  7. Wow… she’s gorgeous. just checked her myspace… these pictures are good but they don’t do her justice. how old are these?

  8. looks like I checked her out at the right time. She’s a total HOTTIE, I’m a fan… haVE TO GIVE 2 THUMBS up. looks all natural too!

  9. the asain blond thing could be a bit too much but seriousy… she’s pretty damn cute with or without the hair.

    ryanseam… thank you. I can’t believe so many guys here aren’t into halfies. She’s beautiful. Maybe if she did more modeling she could’ve gone far, but I can’t find her anywhere else? She’s got some nice lips too, i’M ADDICTED. show some love!

  10. WOW… she’s got a pretty face! nice body too. She doesn’t look like a typical asain i think that’s the reason why i like her so much… she seems mixed with more asain…. She has a very unique and exotic look to her. doesn’t look like she’s very active with the modeling. I’ve only seen her on 3-4 sites.

  11. awww why’d she stop? haters? if you’re really a homegirl melodylee …tell her to get back into it…checked out her myspace she’s f***in hot with black hair. hope she keeps it that way….

    check it out:

    thats a funny ass url and it’s private but she seems to add most ppl.


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