Asian Persuasion: Cheryl Stell

Some time ago Playboy Cyber Club had a pictorial named ‘Asian Persuasion’ featuring Asian models from the past and today. In the next few weeks I will feature some of them at Asian Sirens with the original photo. It would be great if you can help to tell us what happened with the model after she appeared in Playboy. Do you know any recent interviews, photos or interesting links?

Today we have Cheryl Stell.

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0 thoughts on “Asian Persuasion: Cheryl Stell”

  1. I looked at her MySpace pics page and a line from a Joe Jackson song popped into my head:

    “Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street…”

  2. Her body doesn’t look as good in the videos (once again her upper body is a little too small relative to her lower body). But she does seem to have a wonderfully down-to-earth personality, which combined with her pretty face makes her very attractive for me.

  3. The sight of a beautiful and sexy girl naked on all fours is so soothing 🙂
    Thanks Marco, great picture.

  4. She’s got really nice hair too…

    Yikes. Someone did a really tacky job photoshopping that 2nd pic, Zamscan.

  5. Sachiko forwarded me an email from Cheryl where she says she doesn’t have a nose job – as I am very uncertain in this case, I’ll take her at her word!

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