Jennifer “Loma” Lee is The Girl in the Golden Bikini…

Jennifer Loma Lee

…or what is left of it in this expose’ anyway. It is a great name for a Bond Movie but, she seems to be as mysterious as any Bond girl might be–on or off the set.

Jennifer Loma, sometimes referred to as Jennifer Lee, is seen little on the net here in China despite being touted as a a budding superstar in the few articles I can find. Some sites like Finheaven have her listed as American while others proclaim her as Asian. There are a few certainties and a few more pictures here:She is definitely from Eastern stock and absolutely would look great fighting the evil Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem (SCUM) alongside 007.

And another thing of which I am confident: She is no Miss Moneypenny!

Jennifer Loma Lee

Jennifer Lee

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  1. I really like her trim and taut stomach! But boy, that popup ad at onemodelplace is annoying. These messages claiming “my registry needs fixing” are really annoying, as we Mac users don’t have any damn registry!

  2. Annoying popups are a fact of life when surfing for free girly pics unfortunately. It’s probably safer to surf there with the G4 – at least then these ads can’t install any spyware!

  3. Christine Nguyen aka Jennifer Loma/Lee
    I didn’t know she was into S&M/bondage

    the 14 video clips are in real media format
    if you don’t have a RM player yet, i recommend Media Player Classic. it’s free, lightweight, and advertisement free. just google it. a bonus is its thumbnail screencapper which I used to make screencaps of each clip. if you’re interested, i suggest you download the screencaps first. then you can decide if you want to download all, some or none of the clips.

    look for the file name in the upper left corner. one per clip. 2.58 MB

    the video clips 4.39 MB 4.28 MB 4.18 MB 3.22 MB 5.62 MB 4.36 MB 4.41 MB 4.42 MB 4.35 MB 4.91 MB 4.40 MB 4.34 MB 3.29 MB 2.27 MB

  4. Although I do find this girl quite attractive (as I said, I do like her stomach, at least in some photos), I don’t feel she’s very remarkable – another example of how my taste differs from that of our readers I guess. Or perhaps I just remain disappointed that I still haven’t seen a Vietnamese model that truly represents the beauty of this race.

  5. Jennifer/Christine has appeared in the HBO/Cinemax series Hollywood Sexcapades – “Competive Juices”
    I believe it’s on this month’s schedule.
    Nicole Oring has also appeared in this series.

  6. She is the hottest and most sensual girl on the planet. Christine defines the word perfection. She has exquisite beauty and a gorgeous heart. I could go on with a litany of praise for her but I’ll close for now.

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