Bai Ling nipple slip at Cannes

Bai Ling nipple slip

I was surprised this wasn’t reported here right away with all the Bai Ling fans around here. So, doing my part to keep everybody “abreast” of the situation…seems Bai Ling had a nipple slip at Cannes while she was there promoting her new film “Shanghai Baby”. The Egotastic blog has all the pictures and some commentary.

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  1. Hi AsianSweetheart! Good to see you post again! Please don’t let us wait another year for a new posting 😉 And I would like to include you in our icon gallery. Suggestions?

    And who is the Bai Ling fan here?

  2. I think it would be news if Bai Ling appeared ANYWHERE and didn’t have a nipple slip! Not complaining mind you just saying….by the way I’m a fan of Bai Ling.

  3. I have to say I love Bai Ling’s crazy, sexy and shamelessly exposing sense of style. I also quite like her trim and taut body, so you can definitely count me as a a fan!

    And yes asiansweetheart, it is great to see you blogging again. I really hope we can see more from you in future – you pick up some great stuff!

  4. Wow, CVF, I’ve never seen the race card played here so blatantly. If ever.

    Once someone has posed fully nude in Playboy, is a nipple slip even noteworthy?

  5. Let’s see…. no media hooplah because it took place in France in a city where women go topless on the beach, and not in a country full of prudes while being telecast live on the superbowl? Just guessing here.

  6. Nipple slips are perhaps no big deal outside of the US but are still rare. At least in the Netherlands I don’t see them every day 😉

  7. I wish I could post more often. But too busy and I can’t even keep up on my own blog. Over here at Asian Sirens you guys have a lot of contributors and it makes it full of good content.

    That would be nice to include an icon for me. I’m thinking of one of the pics I have that might be good. I’ll send it over.

  8. You could just post some of your own content here every once in a while and link to your blog? Posts about beautiful Thai women are more then welcome here!

  9. Hi Asainsweetheart,

    Your latest blog entry is a good exmple of a story that would definitely be of interest to our readers. Just write a short intro here (copy the text from your own blog entry if you like), put up a pic, and link to the story at your own blog. A quick and easy way to put up a post here, while at the same time promoting your own blog. Everybody wins!

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