Jeannie Mae Miller put her career on hold

Jeannie Mae Miller

Actress and model Jeannie Millar (or Jeannie Mae Millar), born on August 11, 1974 in Thailand, is not like any woman you have ever met before. Even after knowing her, she still remains a mystery and that is probably what makes her so fascinating. Jeannie is certainly one of the most beautiful women in the world with a unique combination of elegance and vulnerability. But it is more than that. Somehow when you meet her, she has a way of touching your soul. Her life story is very complex, filled with both tragedy and triumph.

Due to a serious illness in her family she just recently told her fans on her official website that she has to put her career on hold, if not permanently leave.

Jeannie, whenever you read this, I wish you good luck and truly hope you will find your hapiness some day!

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  1. I wish Jeannie Millar the best as well!

    I must have missed your past feature on her at Asian Sirens. I couldn’t help notice some interesting similarities between her and another Thai model (actually much more than a model) named Khwan of

    They both originally came from Ubon in Thailand and while Jeannie Millar posed with Gene Simmons on the cover of Playboy, Khwan very recently took a picture with him at the San Diego Comic Con which can be seen here

    A key difference is that Khwan has never posed nude. Khwan is a remarkable woman though and your words about the effect of meeting Jeannie Millar resonate since it is much the same when meeting Khwan.

  2. does anyone know ??? i read somewhere that she has died !!!

    if that’s so, i think it is a real shame, she was one one the most beautiful woman in the world

  3. Where did you read that Omega? I think she just quit the biz…died? Really?

    And I know it was 4 years ago that Badboy posted his reply above but Khwan dude? How can you even compare the below average looking Khwan to Jeannie Millar?

  4. I can’t see any relationship between Jeannie and Khwan apart from the very superficial things badboy mentions either – he does like average looking girls. 😉 Khwan’s got an impressive head of hair though.

    As for Jeannie, she seems to have a great boob job! I’d like to see some more high res photos though.

  5. WOW! Must’ve been suicide…man that is awful. Imagine being that drop dead gorgeous and it’s still not enough. I mean I have the same problem with being super gorgeous but I cope with it….one day at a time. Maybe she OD’d, she did have a drug problem I guess. DAMN!

  6. First, sad to hear about her passing away. May she rest in peace.

    Second, I wasn’t trying to say that she and Khwan looked alike. They obviously look very different. If you read my earlier comment, you would see where I describe their similarities such as coming from the same place in Thailand and posing in a photo with Gene Simmons. I also echoed Thanirz’s comments about meeting them in person. That is what I was talking about when I say she reminded me of Khwan.

    Third, as tempting as it would be, I won’t get in a pissing contest with Lee. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think we can all agree that Thanirz has great taste in women particularly Asian women. Even though he is no longer active, his inspiration is a big part of the success of this site.

  7. Badboy: darklighter1 said Khwan was below average and unworthy of comparison with Jeannie; I merely stated that I agree on the second point, and that you like average looking girls. As you say, this is your taste, and that’s fine as far as it goes. However, when it leads you to plug another “model” on such an irrelevant and tenuous basis, I don’t think it is fine. Indeed, if you weren’t an Asian Sirens staff member at the time, I probably would have deleted your comment as a totally off-topic, irrelevant plug. On-topic plugs are fine; off-topic plugs are not.

  8. BTW, the opening paragraph of Marco’s article (and most of if not all of his earlier Asian Sirens article) is I suspect not originally written by him – he had a habit of simply lifting text from promotional material (he lifted my Jun Kusanagi material back in the day, although I ended up co-authoring Asian Sirens’ Jun Kusanagi site anyway!). So I suspect the text is not actually a reflection of his personal experience.

  9. Can you believe I met her on She lived out of state so I never met her in person. But, we talked on the phone a handful of times. She had given her life to Jesus. She was sweet as she could be. So sad she took her life. Let us remember to always be grateful for we all have blessings to be thankful for.

    Here is a video made by her husband…

  10. Man…that’s pretty deep. Makes you realize, some of the problems you may be experiencing in life really aren’t all that bad after all.

  11. On May 29, 2008, Jeannie Millar committed suicide in Culver City, California. Please visit the Jeannie Memorial Webpage at this link:

    There is a biographical summary of her life, and explanation of her death. Some pics of Jeannie, and where she died, too. You may light a candle, post a tribute, flowers, or leave a gift in her memory.
    Sincerely, Joe Duffy

  12. That’s very sad. It sounds to me as though she was bipolar, which seems to be fairly common amongst models and performers (I speak from personal experience). However, I thought the unnecessary religious propaganda in this obituary was a bit silly:

    “(We believe Jeannie trusted in Jesus as her Savior prior to her mental problems which overwhelmed her. We hope to meet her in the Kingdom of God.)”

    Well Jesus took really good care of her, didn’t he?

  13. Alright, I have to say this: given the sequence of events here, is it not possible that, upon “finding Jesus”, she became so racked with guilt over her previous adult work that it pushed her over the edge, especially once she had a child (making her feel she is a “sinful”, unworthy mother)? No doubt her Christian associates (almost certainly including her husband) kept reminding her of how “sinful” her adult past was, and put pressure on her to be a “straight” actress, which she had little success with. Saved by Jesus? Perhaps he actually killed her in a sense.

  14. Oh wow, this is so sad! I missed the post that she past away. She was so beautiful. The few movies roles she was in were so hot!! R.I.P. Jeannie!:(

  15. does any know why the hospital released jeannie, and to whom? how does she end up driving to the hotel by herself after just being released? such a waste.

  16. to joe duffy: nice bio. how well did you know jeannie? to dr. lee: is you post on 4-17-09 pure speculation? were Jeannie and her new husband “born again?’

  17. dr. lee: nevertheless, you may be onto something. wouldn’t you at least expect “Christians” to come to her (emotional) rescue at, and upon her release from, the hospital? (i.e. “Jesus saves,” right?) And why her release in the first place? don’t tell me money/insurance issues… please. What went wrong? joe duffy’s bio is far too cryptic. any thoughts, dr. lee? mr. duffy? The whole story’s very weird, not to mention depressing, to say the least. In any event, God bless you Jeannie, rest in peace!

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