Jang Rumee


Jang Rumee is a Korean golfer. I don’t know if she’s any good, and I believe these photos are fairly old but only placed online recently. She was a model back when she was younger, but she’s 30 now. I think she’s still famous for her butt and fitness.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: Korea






Clothes =(
No Clothes =)

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  1. Beautiful girl. There’s something about the way a hot girl’s body looks covered in baby oil 🙂 She’s got such a nicely toned body.

  2. I almost didn’t click on the story because her face looked so average in the main picture. But it was just a bad shot. She’s cute. Great skin tone – not too pale like some Asians. Great body – but if she’s retired from pro golf then she should get a set of C’s.

  3. 정아름
    Height 170cm

    Yes, apparently she is a bit of a fitness guru, owning or partnering in her own fitness apparel, equipment and supplements company and appearing in numerous TV shows and writing books and articles. According to what I looked at she’s also a former Miss Korea. Add to that she’s got a smoking hot hot body and you can’t get much better.

  4. Almost makes me like golf. Really cute girl, nice hard body which is usually not my type but she’s not so hard that it’s a turnoff. Nice and toned, pretty face.

  5. The game of golf and the art of sex
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    *”Hello, ball!” –homage to the late Art Carney of the Honeymooners

  6. Thanks Wings, I was wondering about her ass. It’s ok, I think attractive sports women are often overrated IMO. Also what are the pixellating in the second link?

  7. Wings – at the risk of being deleted by Doc for an off topic comment, let me say that Ms. Rumee is an interesting addition to the Siren lineup. Not especially pretty, but her follow through is pretty impressive.

    Hawks lose 9 in a row, then win 3 but go into Detroit with the longest home win streak. Tough game to play.

  8. How odd to put pixellations there and why? Perhaps she had some lip-slip? lol add that term to ‘nipple slip’!
    Anyway it’s both a shame and a travesty!
    ..and Doc, that’s not supposed to be a pun on Travis.

  9. Her name’s Jang Areum. (I don’t know how that forum mod came up with “Rumee.”) These photos were taken several years ago. She plays golf but never has been a pro golfer (at least not in the same league as the ladies in the LPGA). She was a Miss Korea contestant, model, and is now a popular fitness expert.

    Here’s her blog: http://narstyle.kr
    Her Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/narstylekr

  10. CEC is spot on. Her korean name read something like Jung Ah Reum.

    I love her natural small breasts .. although I wish her nipples were twice as big. There is not a whole lot of things wrong with this gal below the neck and being nude and greased up helps 🙂

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