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This quite striking model’s name is Jade Vixen, winner of Howard Stern’s strongest naked woman contest. I’m not sure what her exact ethnicity is (Taiwanese perhaps?), but I do know that I share her birthday (the 25th of September); unfortunately however, I do not share her taste in music at all (techno, electronic dance music). As as is often the case with fetish models, she has a wide variety of often quite arty photos (this particular image is probably my favourite), many of which I’ve posted after the jump.Measurements: 32D-22-34
Height: 5’5″
Ethnicity: unknown (Taiwanese?)
Location: New York









A few more casual shots:





Her official web site
Her blog
Her portfolio

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  1. Woozers!! The black leather fun I could have with this vixen!! She is a pure joy to look at to say the least!!!

  2. I share her taste in music, although the same can’t be said for the clothing… 🙂

    She does look hot though and I believe would be a LOT of fun!

    Love the 7th photo (Purple head and shoulders shot).

  3. She really is something special. I kept smiling profusely as I was looking at her magnificent perfect breasts and butt and hips and legs. 😛

  4. She could probably add “World’s Worst Boob Job” to her “World’s Strongest Naked Women” award!

    Other than that I think she is pretty cute 🙂

  5. I think that’s excessive – while I agree her boob job could be better, we’ve featured far worse in the past. Once again, it seems everyone feels free to use far more inflammatory language when discussing boob jobs than anything else. Can everybody please state their opinions on this in a more respectful manner? Just treat it with the same respect as you would when discussing any other aspect of a girl’s appearance – just because a girl has a boob job doesn’t mean she is immune to insults about it.

  6. There is something about Jade/Edythe’s breasts in the 2nd pic that doesn’t appeal to me, but I am *really* digging her fetish vibe. She isn’t the prettiest girl in the world but she is most definitely *sexy*. I’d definitely like to meet Jade — I’ll bet she’s the life of the party!

  7. Hm… Well I am not very fond of her at all, but based on what I know about the women you are attracted to, she does appear perfect for you. I’m glad you found her!

  8. I’m gonna give her a waiver on that tranny face…and the fact that fetishwear annoys me.
    Uh…no I’m not.PASS

  9. I think perhaps she could use a nose job, I think the boob job is not bad by US standards. I like the way her waist-bust/ hip ratio is emphasised by the outfits. Maybe a little less work on the eyebrows too, although I guess it is all part of the ‘look’.

  10. Thank you jackspratt for that video. There’s nothing I don’t like about Jade. I really do think she’s hot.

  11. I kinda like her but my problem is not her face but rather the fact that her boobs look too fake. It seems like she had them redone several time from the pictures above. Still just too fake looking.

  12. I like to imagine her coming into the bar i frequent in one of those outfits. That’d be a good night.

  13. OK doc…upon further review-it could be the make up in some of the pics.(That last one is a certified boner killer) Her body is fab.Strangely-I’m just not desirous.Maybe next time.

  14. Lots of sirens here named Jade
    A veritable…calvacade.
    This one’s a vixen
    Don’t need no fixin’
    Tasty like fresh lemonade.

  15. Who woulda thunk? Her boobs look fake! Never guessed.

    Sarcasm aside, they look fake because they are fake. For a “natural” look I think that they need to start out with something. If a model is trying to go from A or small B to D, well, they will probably look like this. From decent C to D won’t be so much of a stretch (sorry) & I think they will have a more natural appearance. Doc Lee presented a dissertation on this awhile back (I forgotten the reason) & it may be worth for him to repost that comment.

    JV, though, under the flash seems pretty hot. I do not begrudge her for the BJ – to make it in the US you gotta have size – not many A-cuppers on the A-list. Also, what is her career span – 10 years? After that she needs to 1) marry a rich guy, 2) get into the business side (agent, photographer, et.), 3) move into something harder, or 4) do something else. Grab the money while you can, Jade.

  16. Yeah – one of the great ironies of breast surgery is that the more natural breast tissue you have to start off with, the more natural the final result will be (all other things being equal). The less natural breast tissue you have, the harder it is to hide the form of the implants themselves. Going from A to D (as I suspect Jade did) will indeed produce a fake looking result. Oh, and another nice limerick dbldipper. 🙂

  17. I agree with Travis, she has that special look that Dr Lee is attracted to. It is very different from the usual beauties we see around here. To each his own i guess…

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