Nano Natsume

J-Mate features interviews with Japanese AV idols such as Nana Natsume (above) and occasional articles on other aspects of Japan’s “Ero-Culture.”One recent story gives the history of the Hello Kitty vibrator. New postings are relatively rare, but there are several dozen already. Most of the interviews have a few pictures like these, of Rio Sannomiya and Ran Asakawa

Rio Sannomiya

Ran Asakawa

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  1. Peter Payne certainly knows his Japanese AV idols.

    I just wish that Japanese porn wasn’t censored. With all the crazy shit they do in their porn it makes little sense to put fuzzy bits over the actresses’ furry bits.

  2. How do you think I feel. I live in Okinawa, and all the porn shops over here sell only censored crap. I have to go TDY to Guam or Hawaii to get the real stuff. I guess they are ashamed of genitalia or something.

  3. I went to a porn shop once in Okinawa. When I realized that the porn was not only censored but expensive, I walked right out. The censorship in JAV makes no sense, especially in movies where so much nastiness takes place.

  4. What I love about Jgirls–in addition to their silky, long-haird bushes–is that they seldom go for navel jewelery, the most gone-wrong fashion statement since men began tying sweaters around their necks.

  5. hey hero…navel jewelery not so bad on some girls…what i dont like is when they tattoo their around their belly button..looks like they have a dirty spot:)…i have to vote for a tad of trim around the hedges…just a tad:)

    now for men, i agree…the pompous asses and their tie around sweaters need to go:)) and with them the rest of the preppies:)…and this is from a former preppie:)

  6. The quality of the women in Japanese porn is the highest in the world. In part I think this is because the negative stigma, while certainly there, is not as high as elsewhere. When I lived in Japan in the early 90s I was really surprised to see porn stars regularly appear on mainstream TV shows.

    I think that overall the censorship in Japanese porn is actually positive in that it prevents the hyper-focus on the genitalia that you see in so much Western material. Instead the focus is on the rest of the woman’s body, which is generally more esthetically appealing anyway. And watching the rest of the body move is certainly preferable to the ultimatley boring to-and-fro of virtually indistinguishable organs.

    Nana Natsume is beautiful. She seems that have gotten a relatively late start in JAV work.

  7. I absolutely agree with knarf. It would be nice to not have the censorship, but I certainly prefer that to endless close-ups of pussies and penises, which I think is very boring and often even quite yucky. I want to see the women’s entire body, not just her genitalia. And the quality of Japanese porn is indeed the best in the world – they create interesting and believable scenarios to establish the sex scenes, which for me makes it more stimulating, as I can imagine it actually happening.

  8. ditto on this doc..japanese porns are the best…europe come a close second…US is a little too plastic and robotic:)

  9. It’s easy to find uncensored Japanese porn clips on the web. I list some sources on my blog (randy4asians.blogspot.com), but those videos do not have the same high production standards as the ones with “AV idols.”

  10. I’ve no problem finding uncensored J-porn on asianplayboy.com.
    Agree with the above. Highest quality of women in the world thanks to many factors: little stigma about being in JAV with the opportunity to move into other aspects of showbiz, a huge industry with a wide net of scouts, little in the way of tatoos & body piercings, and video that treats the men as mere props – in some series one rarely sees a guy’s face or ass etc.

  11. Another negative aspect of censoring with mosaics is it allows fake sex, and fake creampies, which still goes on today. (eg. Mihiro for fake sex) and studios like IEnergy which are known to fake their creampies. (It’s quite obvious too!)

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