Another Boob Evaluation

Last week’s posting of a certain girl getting a Boob Inspection was pretty well received. Click the video above for another bouncy treat. Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “Another Boob Evaluation”

  1. I think I will love Luci Thai from now on, since she is a great porn actress who has done escorting. Thanks ProfAbe for the info!

  2. widehead, you are joking, right? 🙂

    It’s one of the male fantasies. And you don’t have to bring her to the Xmas party at the office, lol

  3. I don’t have a problem with being escorted by a porn star, but I do have a problem with being escorted by Luci and/or Nyla – just because they are porn stars does not make them attractive for me.

  4. Looking at her older pics (not a very pleasant experience for me!), it does look as though something has been added in this video, but that could just be the angle. Plus, her breasts look very firm for natural breast tissue in this clip. However, if they are enhanced it is a very good result – they do indeed look very natural. At least she looks fine from the neck down. 😉

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